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  1. Hi, I live in Rhos and am very lucky my back garden is also excellent to for the same area, except I'm pretty lucky to the South as well. I haven't ventured out with my scope yet but have considered trying the Great Orme sometime, the appeal being you can drive your stuff right up there. Bryn Euryn in Rhos would be super but I wouldn't fancy lugging my scope up and down it. I wonder what the car park in West Shore, Llandudno is like. I'd worry though about the other people hanging around late at night which is why I haven't been anywhere so far, it's not something I'd be trying on my own.
  2. That's sounds like a wonderful dream The current cloud situation is so disappointing.
  3. Brilliant, thank you very much, found the one you mentioned at Rother Valley optics and then quickly realised they must be the same size, lol
  4. Sorry, I just have one more question, what size adaptor do I need to get and do all scopes use the same size?
  5. Hi there Thank you. I'm completely clueless when it comes to stuff like this, are the cables a standard size? would I need a certain one to fit my scope?
  6. Hi everyone After searching some old topics, I found a link to a recommended Maplins PSU; http://www.maplin.co...mpressor-353895 I'm keen to buy a psu very soon and the Branded Power tanks are shockingly overpriced as I'm sure you all know very well, but I just wondered if I would need to do anything to this to make it work with my scope, would I need to alter any wiring or does it already have a cable attached to it that would plug straight in? I've also been having some trouble trying to get my Skywatcher Skymax 127 Supatrak to actually track objects...could this be due to the fact I'm running off batteries and it need more power to be able to track? Thank you
  7. Thanks Scott. I have the Skywatcher Skymax 127 Supatrak.....although the tracking is a bit of a mystery as it doesn't appear to work, i'm reaching the conclusion it's because I'm using batteries instead of a psu...I might have to make a post about it, see if anyone can shed any light on that issue. I think it's great as a first scope, it does everything I need it to (except for the tracking part) so I've been pretty pleased with it on the whole. Got my eye on upgrading the mount to the synscan AZ goto to help me find things more easily but also don't want to solely rely on that and get lazy. It's looking good out there right now, dry and clear, going to set up in a bit, fingers crossed
  8. Ohh yes you're really close, can see you across the bay Do you go to a local Astronomy group around here?
  9. Really hope you (we) get the weather next week. A shame you can't bring your scope but i'm sure the binoculars will be way better than nothing
  10. Wow, I feel extremely lucky suddenly.
  11. Thanks Hi Richard, enjoy Anglesey. Yes I can see the Milky Way here, isn't it visible to the whole of the UK?
  12. Thanks everyone. James, I've actually had my scope since last November so have a small eyepiece collection and a 2xBarlow. I'd love to join the local observing group, but it took me 11months to post on an online forum, lol so that might take me a little longer
  13. Thank you all for the warm welcome I actually spy some blue sky, (falls over in shock) fingers crossed it stays that way although I'm not holding my breath!!
  14. Thank you everyone. Daniel, I'm from Rhos-on-Sea. Whereabouts are you?
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