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  1. Hello, Same problem here using ascot with the skywatcher driver, ports are working and show up in device manager in windows, but when the properties box comes up in ascot to pick the com port none are shown and it won't let you input any port number, and i know the port is there and working.
  2. hello andy,

    is the diagonal still for sale?



  3. WEY HEY Nice one Nick "The national Geographic" big league stuff well done.
  4. Sorry i meant eq-5 thanks for your comment
  5. Cracking picture steve, So who is going to count the number of stars in the picture
  6. I am pleased with this using modded canon 450d with a 200mm lens two minute exposures x 15 on a rq-5 mount tweaked in ps3 it still amazes me the amount of stars in the milky way Let me know what u think, thanks for looking all.
  7. Many thanks all, and thanks to steppenwolf for all his help
  8. meade 8" snt canon 450d 1 minute subs x 30 with darks and flats, my first time using flats.
  9. Thanks merlin you answered my question about sun spoys i thought im getting peed off with the weather at night so will be interesting to have a crack in daytime
  10. Thanks nick so a white filter for flares i think i can manage 15 quid rather than hundreds i take it sun spots are visible throught white filter as well?
  11. Played with canon 450d modded with std 50mm lens iso100 10 x 3 minute subs. must work on flats more though.
  12. Hello everyone, Can anyone advise me on what filter material to buy for solar imaging, i am using a old skywatcher ST80 and want to make sure i dont blind myself, will i be able to see solar flares? Thanks in advance for any help
  13. Thanks all, i still need some practice on my processing but as this is my first widefield shot im pleased
  14. Hey all grabbed this with canon450d modded and 50mm lens got flame and horsehead nebulae orion nebulae with trapezium and barnards loop around the bottom on eq-5 mount 3 minute subs x 10 stacked in deep sky stacker
  15. hey all, managed to grab the pelican the other night using canon 450d modded, took 10 subs at 3 minutes unguided.......
  16. nice one thanks brendan looks a lot better, im learning slowly
  17. i never thought of that peter, i will have a go next clear night.. thanks for the comments..
  18. hey all, my first shot at this one using wo102 eq5 and 450d modded i think there is a lot more detail i can pull out but my processing skills are bad to say the least
  19. ahh forgot to say the canon is modded, i was very pleased with the 3 minutes unguided my trusty heq5 mount....
  20. hello everyone, had a quick peek last night got the top half of the american then had a play with the colours taken through WO102 canon 450d 3 minute subs x 10 no guiding thanks for looking
  21. Hello, I have got Gpint for parallel............
  22. Thanks all, I think there is no movement as we tried running th GPINT test program and when pressing dec this moves ok however when pressing RA nothing moves, am using a 80mm 400mm fl guidescope and have set the figures to 1000, it sounds like something else going on here.............
  23. Hello everyone, Has anyone come across the problem when guiding using PHD using the gp shoestring adaptor when PHD is calibrating it keeps failing on RA saying the star is not moving enough? This is connected from the pc via shoestring into the apm909 module on the LX90. Thanks for looking all.
  24. many thanks will try that now let you know what happens
  25. thanks all when i move the tube up or down i hcan hear the mirror flop as it clunks about, should it not do that?
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