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  1. Shaun Ryder will have the answer
  2. id be up for it, it has been so long since i used my scope ive forgotton what end i look through!
  3. There was someone on teh Dark site thread who posted up the Henlow Bridge Lakes campsite and the possibility of using this for an observing site. As i mentioned on the thread there are some public areas just behind there that seemed OK. Last weekend I was walking back from Arlesey station (opposite the campsite) in a rather drunken state, but I was aware enough to realise how clear the sky was, and that area should actually be a decent place to observe from. Now the nights are drawing in hopefully we can get a meet sorted
  4. Im not too far away either in Clifton, but have had only minimal experience in collimating my telescope so wouldnt be much help !!
  5. I think a Wrest park meet is well over due! Hopefully we can get somethign arrange shortly. Hope you're ok Jason, good to see you resurface here!
  6. Henlow bridge lakes is about 5 minutes from my house It is just off the a507 so could be liable to car lights, it is also right by the mainline rail links to peterborough and t'north. Just round the corner, probably between the lakes camp site and henlow grange are some fields, and the local cricket pitch. LIghting should be at a minimum, and there are pretty decent views all around. there is also a pub about 5 minutes walk in case things get cloudy! Ive only walked round there during the day so not sure what it is like at night, but looks a decent location but ive never had the enthusiasm to go up there on my own and jsut end up messing about in my back garden.
  7. awww balls i cant edit the title, whoops!
  8. taken from my back garden from 22.12 this evening using an old Fuji s6500, 30 sec exposures, iso 800 on a crappy old tripod. Considering this is my first attempt, and i have no idea what settings to use i am pretty pleased with how they came out
  9. I'm gonna give it a go this evening from my garden in Clifton. Have got a pretty clear run on Saturn from here so will attempt a go on that with the webcam and see what happens
  10. Ive just had a look on BBC weather and friday is looking clear. Who's up for it?
  11. Without turning this thread into an LDAS bashing I have felt that since the change in organisation/leadership in the last 12 months it has changed for the worse. Even though I wasnt the most active member I have very little interest/enthusiasm for attending events now and would much rather meet up with a smaller group like we are trying to arrange here.
  12. I would be bang up for an observing session sometime soon too. Next weekend could be an option for me if its clear and I can force myself off the sofa from watching the golf. doubt ill be at the wheathampstead meet though as its a bit of a trek for me from here.
  13. The rusty gun is also a very nice place too should the clouds roll in
  14. Cheers mate, fly off tomorrow. You never know, I might even manage a glimpse of the comet. Current forecast shows a few clear skies over the next 7 days. The weather has been abysmal recently, surely it must clear up soon?
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