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  3. Hi Chris, welcome to lounge.
  4. I can attach camera to scope, have basic things for connection camera to scope. But what i`m after, there is no way i can get any magnification, even 2x barlow can`t fit in right way and i`m not talking to fit eyepiece . When attaching eyepiece to t-adapter the eyepiece touching the camera mirror . So therefore i looking to find solution how to get object closer. Maybe i have the wrong adapter?
  5. I found only 1.25" inch adapter on ebay, i`ll try to find 2" inch, but on uk websites only 1.25" is available . Thanks.
  6. Right now I`m using T-mount 2x-barlow for imaging directly to scope, but i know there`s the way to attach camera with lens to scope, only have no idea what extras do I need to get. Maybe someone could give me any info how to connect Canon 500D 18-55mm kit to SW Evostar 120mm. What extras do i need to buy. Any advise would be helpful. Thank in advance
  7. Hi & welcome to lounge .
  8. Hi David, welcome to lounge.
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