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  1. This works well for me and cheap too compared to many. . It remembers the redlight setting as well when you turn it off, so no surprises. AND for that price you actually get 2 of them.. bargain and has lasted well for the 6 months I have had it. They even supply batteries. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07ZWK5QKM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&th=1
  2. Plenty to see so far tonight in Surrey but also ………. Tremendous moon going down in the west at around 8am today. Fingers crossed for same tomorrow.
  3. Thank you. Will go 'see". Pretty sure my driver is up to date ( will check ) and I already have the auto unchecked so I can play with the settings.
  4. I understand what you mean but......... the picture here shows the camera focussed on a tree a good half mile away. The difference between this and a 10mm ep focussed is barely a quarter turn. Note that I have a good 30mm travel left inwards and more than that outwards on the focuser. This is again makes me think it is something in the capture settings but I have played around with these to the point of despair and just gone back to visual. Edit - I have now 'gained access' to the top level of the house and redone the procedure on the flag on top of our local hospital over 2 miles away. Again, very little difference in travel to focus the camera from the ep setting using 10mm and only the quarter turn between 10mm and 25mm. Weather is rubbish but I am set up in the top velux in case I get a lunar glimpse later. Have got the appropriate pencil marks on the focuser too.
  5. Haha thank you. I had seen that and had actually posted in there regarding issues I had with the software etc.
  6. Both ep and camera are fine in daylight but of course I am focussing on trees etc that are far closer than anything 'up there'. It is the SVBony SV205
  7. Excellent. Thank you for your explanation and time putting up pictures. Is there an idiots guide somewhere regarding “ doing the math”.?
  8. Noted - I also have a 6" sct so will try with that when the nights are better. I assumed that the 102 would be good for this this type of entry level thing but hey..................
  9. I was always trying it with the camera in the supplied diagonal. Pop out the ep after centering the target, pop in the camera. No joy.. I did also try last night to remove diagonal and pop camera straight into the focuser bit.. Again - no joy. I actually finished by using my iphone on attachment and got some nice video and pics although the weight is no good for this set up at that end. Makes me want to ditch the cam for a decent entry level ZWO but something makes me think that is not the answer.
  10. Erm, thank you. I think I understand. Only issue there is I have a street light but it is very close, probably too close as in the middle of our cul de sac. May be able to try on distant windows with lights on - may have to be a tad careful there though.
  11. Mmmm. Really not sure. I tried the SVBony SV205 last night on the moon with SW ST202 F5 / 500 - using sharpcap on windows 10. Lined the almost full moon centre ep. Swapped out to camera and almost nothing from one end of focuser travel to the other. I say almost as I occasionally saw what may have been the outer edge or something large but all black . dark green and not much else. Just a hint of curvature. Ensured moon still in view several times. Played with gain and exposure etc but still nothing at all. Is this a focus issue perhaps? I know the camera isn't the best but I should at least be able to capture the moon. The scope should be suited to this so I can think of nothing else other than I may need to be putting some kit in the focus line somewhere. Works fine in daytime on distant trees etc. I am really getting nowhere with this camera on what should be an ideal scope for it and for me as a beginner at least to capture some lunar if nothing else. Puzzled.
  12. I have an Eclipsmart 6" on my Celestron SCT. Probably the more expensive way of doing it but it fits well. Clips on front more securely even than lens cap and has option of velcro double sure tabs too. Money well spent for me.
  13. Is that the paid or free version? I have since found out that providing I am actually using it in the dark the iPhone 12 pro will allow speeds up to 30 seconds. Did not see that before as I was going through the settings in daylight.
  14. As the title says. I have downloaded Lightroom but limit on shutter speed is 1s. I see others like Camera +2 but are there any others , particularly free, that you guys can / would recommend to achieve purpose? Thank you
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