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  1. correction it is the 31 nagler and in my TV 101 see approx 4.5 degrees so this set up with the 0111 on the veil is great.
  2. will never depart from my 32 nagler. Are they not made any longer by TV?
  3. I agree - the only way to view the veil is with an 0111 filter. With it in my 32 nagler in my refractor give amazing views.
  4. I just purchased the new one and will try to compare my version from around 2010 to the new one on PNs. If all goes well will give my feedback. However they do make fine filters.
  5. yes, The transmission Percentages for 495.9 and 500.7 are 97.7 and 98.2
  6. Just received a terrific review in S & T (July) by Rod Mollise. Anyone else have the opportunity to try it out?
  7. thank you very informative. As I noted above the manfrotto 222 is no longer produced but now they have the 322rc2 - any using it? Also, does anyone know how the oberwerk or helios compares to the new AP 16 x 70?
  8. thanks chaps, I am seriously considering the oberwerk 15 x70 with a monopod. I like those trigger grips. The 222 is no made by manfrotto - they now make a joystick type but don't think would work for binoculars. Hard to find others but will check the above out. Oberwerk has one and think it was originally made by a company named Garrett. After using a TV NP-101 for so long and will continue to use hope not disappointed with the binos.
  9. thanks videos are quite helpful. I am going to check out the trigger grip does the head have a ball in it?
  10. They are a very personable and responsive team. I have never had a problem with one of them immediately getting on the phone to answer and inquiry or give advice. That is why they are quality through and through.
  11. in my 8 inch meade f/10 can go 31 nagler and that takes me to approx 1.29
  12. As for amateur scopes I think apo refractors - my 4" TV show great color. BUT a week ago I had the life time experience of spending an evening viewing through the Hooker 100" telescope on Mt Wilson, California. YES that is the one that Hubble used to discover that the universe expands. We observed a number of objects such as the snowball and saturn nebulae - colors were out of this word. For the first time we viewed a hydrogen star (never heard of it) - a white star with a beautiful red ring surrounding it. So, at 100 in a good location you can see real colors. Saturn & Neptune were also a knock out. This was dream come true experience.
  13. I have the Astronomik uhc and Lumicon O111 - both are quality filters and both work exceptionally well in my 4" fract. However, the darker the location the better.
  14. I have the astronomik uhc and lumicon O111 and both are high quality and work very well in my 4 and 8 inch scopes.
  15. I have the Mars A & B and the planetary. TV replaced A with the higher evolutionary B. Don't know why it is not on their web anymore but could be quality control issues - they are very particular and I was told it was once an issue with those filters - if it is not up to their high standard they won't sell it. They continue to sell the planetary which I find very useful. I think it was last year (maybe year before) that I started a thread on the TV planetary which resulted in hundreds of responses - search it as it will be very helpful to anyone interested in this filter.
  16. I find them to give an artificial color to planets. I do like the TV planetary filter - it works well and give a natural view.
  17. I concur with the foregoing opinions. I have the Lumicon 0111 (2") and it is high quality. Works great in my 4" fract. Buy your bigger scope first.
  18. I have a 4" fract and would rec ($ notwithstanding), 31 nagler, 21 ethos, 10 ethos and 2x barlow.
  19. Marc, good thinking. That is exactly what I did and very happy about it. There will be more than one scope in the future but great EPs last regardless of scope. The ethos EPs are exceptional and you pay for that quality. Optically the delos is the same but 72* instead of 100*. I have both and they serve different purposes the former to planetary and the latter for lots of other targets, especially those that require wide field. As for the ES 100* which I also have (14mm and viewed through others), they are fine EPs (although in my opinion not the same as ethos but of terrific value). Skip the steak dinner as it only lasts one night and invest in your love. Go for it.
  20. very nice report and very much appreciated. When it is said that these filters are only suitable for large aperture scopes - they are wrong. I find they very useful in my TV 101. They work very well more so at dark sites. thanks allen g
  21. I started a thread pertaining to solar filters on the AstronomyForum Website(Eyepiece section). Received some excellent feedback and advice. It fact it change my view as to what to purchase. Give it a look well worth a good free read.
  22. I own the ES 14mm 100* and it gives wonderful views in my TV 4" refractor 5.4. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy
  23. I had the same experience 3 years ago. Someone inserted a 100* into my scope and it was over. I have the 21 and 10 Ethos as well as other TVs all of which are absolutely great and habit forming. My 21 delivers 3.5* FOV in my TV np101 which is 7 moons (nagler 31 results in 9). A super combination for rich field viewing of high quality. Easy way to empty the pocket. Enjoy the moment.
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