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  1. http://www.earthhour.org/ You switch off your lights for one hour. On Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.
  2. It's a great bit of kit - you'll love it! Kurt
  3. I would recommend Starmap - very nice app. Kurt
  4. I think I'm going to have to buy myself one of these 50s Looks great Kevin - good job. Kurt
  5. Yeah I tape mine down aswell - autofocus on Venus, then switch to manual and tape, trying not to knock the focus ring! Kurt
  6. Excellent write up John, this is very interesting to me. My photos always end up very blue, but I didn't really process them. Going to go through this Kurt
  7. If you're using a 1.25" T-Adaptor, you will get vignetting with a DSLR-sized chip. Consider getting a 2" adaptor, if you can.
  8. Thanks for the heads up Pete Kurt
  9. Amazing, incredibly deep. Good job Eddie. Kurt
  10. Already tempted to have my camera modded Billy. I can see a faint flame in this, will be great to see what jumps out with the modded cam.
  11. Going to grab myself one of these nifty fifties I think. You got FAR more in 10s subs than I did with 30second subs. Impressive stuff Billy, looks good. Kurt
  12. Love it Billy. Pulled lots of detail out of those subs. These light pollution filters are tempting. Will have to do some research Kurt
  13. Thanks guys I'm hoping so Tom - it is a great bit of kit, hope you get a good first light. Kurt
  14. Lost a load of subs to the camera "auto-rotating", which I must turn off I guess. Lesson learnt! Tried stacking the 6 best subs, but this is an overall stack of the 14 which looked better in my eyes. Much less noise. Used 5 darks. So 14x180s at ISO800, using the unmodded 350D with the 18-55 kit lens at 28mm and f/5.6. Astrotrac TT320X. (click to enlarge) Thanks, Kurt
  15. Finally, an image of something! Aside from my other lunar shot. After getting everything to work without a hitch, finally got 20 3minute subs to use. Really need a second battery, that way I can either do more subs or increase the length and do the same amount. DSS stacked 16 of them, and then I just applied levels in Photoshop. Haven't got the hang of this processing yet! Really need some flats looking at this, vignetting is appalling. And a better lens, coma is apparent too. It's very blue, too. Still, first none-lunar shot and I'm very happy - as I watched the first framing sub come on the
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