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  1. Hi Daz, I joined the forum in November and since then have learned a lot about my new hobby thanks to the group (as I am not naturally gifted to find objects in the sky). One of my problems has been to find an area/place where it is really dark. What would really help me and maybe others is if there would be a map (of the UK) indicating where there are specially good spots with no/very low light pollution. I live in Cheshire and although I think I know the area, I would find it very helpful to know, where best to place my telescope. This also could help to optimise travel plans for weekend trips. Cheers, Inês
  2. certeza

    Hello everybody

    Ups, yes I forgot to mention I decided for the Nexstar 130SLT. I can’t afford a telescope that does everything so I settled for what I think will suit me best. It seems to me that telescopes in this price range are all quite decent all rounder. Because I don’t understand much about the whole issue yet I suppose I will be just happy to see the Saturn rings (which have always fascinated me), Venus, Jupiter, etc., through my own scope. I am not the most patient person and I think finding something in the sky quickly is a definite plus, hence I was specially charmed by ‘goto’.
  3. certeza

    Hello everybody

    while trying to find some good advice I found you! I am in the process of buying a telescope (my first) and oh surprise somebody else had exactly the same questions and could not decide between the same telescopes I am considering. Thanks to your advice I made up my mind now. Needless to say that I am a total beginner! Actually I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for helping somebody else, hence also helping me. I am very impressed by the time and effort you put into helping and sharing. Cheers Inês
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