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  1. Hi mate, welcome to the forum, its a bit cloudy here too but i guess you know that already
  2. I've always been a bit of a conspiracy fanatic myself ( still think Lady Diana was murdered), however i have no dowt in my mind that the moon landings happened, I'm just not 100% convinced we saw the actual footage from the moon.Maybe some of it was done in a studio for what ever reason. The truth will out one day Phil
  3. Thanks for the advise so far, However, what would you gents recommend as a good starting budget? £200 to £300. Would this get a good scope or should i be looking higher? Phil
  4. Hi all, I know their are a number of theads on this subject but if you could indulge me. I'm looking for a good all round scope for both planets and deep space viewing and can anyone recommend any add ons which may be helpful. Thanks in advance. Phil
  5. Thanks for the advise peaple,I've taken onboard whats been said. Phil
  6. Thanks for the link,car'nt say I'm any wiser :? I'll stick to being thick
  7. Hi guys, Is there any brand of scope that should be avoided at all costs (the lada's of the scope world) or is it it just common sence, i.e £20 is'nt going to get you an all singing all dancing scope. Is there a general rule to follow like cost over size. This may sound a daft question but i am just starting out. Phil
  8. Hi everybody I'm Phil from Bradford and I've been into astronomy all of my life but only now just getting round to doing it properly. My scope is only a 70mm skywatcher, but i'm hoping santa may have something a bit better in his sack! So beware i'll be asking all the usual questions us beginers always ask :?
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