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  1. Ewan, I had some difficulty in getting my webcam setup with Hitecastro USB guider working for the simple reason i had only three USB ports on my laptop and as I am using my Canon 40d through Nebulosity it meant having that I would have to have 2 of my camera's attached to the computer through a powered USB hub which wasn't a possibility for me. I decided to go down the route of a dedicated guider and bought a QHY5 second hand from someone on this site. After some difficulty getting it set up I'm now up and running. If you've got 4 USB ports on your computer you might be okay. Otherwise you mig
  2. Martin - I thought I had it licked. Not so much. On checking my .NET profile I realised that the box was filled in rather than ticked meaning that only part of it was running. I made sure both parts were running, rebooted and downloaded all of the software again. I tried to install as per the original instructions from Auntie Static with the same problem apart from this time I received a Code 10 error message. When I look at the driver information it is pointing it to what appears to me to be the 32 bit driver and not the 64 bit one. It won't let me change it saying that Windows has already in
  3. Martin - thanks very much for doing all that. It's greatly appreciated. I'm still rather stumped at the moment though. Did you disconnect from the internet before connecting the camera to the usb port? My computer is pretty new. I got it specifically for the job of guiding and running Nebulosity because the mini-laptop I was running XP on before only had 1gb of RAM and it crashed everytime I tried to run more than 1 programme at once... You couldn't post links to all the software that you downloaded could you? I'll uninstall them all tonight and try them from your links just so that I can be
  4. Martin - I've been assured that it is a QHY5 and no other variant. I'm going to have another go tonight but I'm thinking that I may have to start over again. Thanks for all your help though. Richard
  5. John - moving the counterweights down the bar should be sufficient to ensure that the scope is correctly balanced. I don't have any problem with balance with my ED80 and the 40d (which is a fair bit heavier than the 7d). Richard
  6. I'm not sure Martin. I bought it second hand and it was described as just QHY5. Is there anyway of checking?
  7. So I was able to get Windows to correctly install the driver after deleting and reinstalling the software (and disconnecting from the internet before installing and not after) but when I opened PHD and clicked on (late) ascom camera, the QHY5 was there but it wouldn't let me connect. I got the messages below. I decided to reboot and see whether that helped. And surprise, surprise, the device is an unknown device again in the device manager..... Is that because I've reconnected to the internet? Again, any help/guidance would greatly appreciated. Rich
  8. I have Martin. I installed the driver and then the update second.
  9. Afternoon all. Can I pick your brains with a software problem please? I've bought a second hand QHY5 from a member of this forum but unfortunately it doesn't have an installation CD. I've followed the instructions on this page - but without success. Everytime I attache the camera I get a warning from Windows that says that the USB device is not recognised and in the message itself "one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned. When I double click on the 'unknown device' i get a second window that comes up. Screen shots from both are attached. When I go into the driver op
  10. Andy - it does. Mine worked fine with no difficulty. Richard
  11. Skir - I have had exactly the same issue with my 8" SW. I had a 2" to 1.25" adaptor in the end of the focuser and couldn't get to focus. There isn't enough backwards travel on the focuser and the only way i could get to focus was to partly remove the ep from the focuser. I checked my collimation and it was fine and unfortunately having asked on here previously nobody has yet been able to come up with a satisfactory answer... Richard
  12. Andy - there is an element of balancing needed but as it's on an Alt-Az mount it's not easy to do. I used to ensure that the dove plate was mounted pretty centrally to ensure that it didn't put too much pressure on the motors. That being said, I suspect that's not the problem. The mounts eat batteries, and I found that within an hour or so (especially when it's cold) I'd need to change them. After only a week I invested in a powertank. Skywatcher do them and if you look on FLO's website they sell them. Maplins do a version as well which is a little cheaper and many on here swear by them. They'
  13. I saw the sun for the first time in 3 weeks yesterday. It was a rather pleasant experience and it was only a fleeting visit. However when i went outside to knock icicles off the guttering (don't ask!) at about 8pm, it was lovely and clear. I grabbed the Mak which had been in the garage and had a happy hour re-aquainting myself with the night sky. As has already been mentioned in this thread, visual or imaging in these isles is difficult, but even though I'm relatively new to this hobby, I don't think I'd have it any other way..
  14. This is what I've got Martin. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/adaptors/2-to-125-eyepiece-adaptor.html Are you saying that this adaptor fitted inside the focuser as provided to allow me us 1.25" ep's won't work?? Will I have to buy 2" ep's in that case?
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