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  1. This one is made from a tube from a roll of tin foil, milk bottle top, black paint, two hat pins, some shiny card and some electrical insulating tape. No lasers in sight. But when you start collimating, thats when you need the grown-up on hand.... BTW, i've just made it and it seems to work...................
  2. LOL, i love you solution. Washing lines and windbreaks are good for something then.........
  3. Yes, DSO's are my thing at the mo. We used to live in a house in the country with no neighbours or even street lights. I had an observatory in the back garden as well!!!!!! My inconsiderate wife and children got fed up living in the middle of nowhere, so we have moved to a more suburban area, where there are bus routes and civilisation etc. Now the obsy is flat packed in the garage and I take the scope out and set up each time. I have found a lovely dark sky area in the new forest and tend to go there on a friday and saturday night weather and clouds permitting...
  4. Just picked up my copy of the sky at night and there is a how to on building your own colimator out of a few household items.... All very Blue peter-ish, so I think I may have to try it....
  5. Does anyone have any of those neighbours that, at this time of year, like to put up 10 million lights on their roof, in their front garden etc and turn night into a permanent day??? If so, how do you deal with it????? Reason I ask is i am just watching my neighbour installing such things. Its like a scene from 'Christmas Vacation' LOL.... On a plus point, in Dorset, it is supposed to be clear Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun nights....
  6. Is bigger better or does it make YOU feel better????

    1. crashtestdummy


      its never ending,there's always something bigger to aspire too

    2. Ganymede12


      I agree with crashtestdummy. No matter what size telescope you get there will always be a bigger one at your next star party!

    3. crashtestdummy


      I started with an 8",i now have a 12",and already want a 16" then a 20"!!!it never ends

  7. You are so lucky the lights go out!!!! How I wish our (I quote) "forward thinking council" would have the foresight to take this action. Probably dont do it because there is nothing in it for them. I think what we need is an astronomer on each council...
  8. It started to get cloudy here around 9-30 to 10ish. I had a nice night and managed to get a few (i hope) subs of M1. Saw M31 in the bins. Yeah, it made a change being able to get the scope out. Now we need Fri and Sat evening/night to be clear for the Leonids.... What is the chance of that???
  9. Lo and behold, stopped at tesco on my way home from the obby and picked up astronomy now and there's an in depth review of the mesu....
  10. A short tube 80mm scope is also a good tool for m31, but I do agree on the viewing with bins though.
  11. I spent my time this evening floating between imaging M1 and touring Taurus!!!
  12. Congrats on m31. It's my favourite object. Now go for M33....
  13. Also, filter in the weight of the guide scope, extra dovetail, extra rings, two cameras and maybe a DSLR piggybacked with a 200mm lens. The loading increases, so I would always go for the NEQ6. Saying that though, if you can afford it, (4 times the price), a Mesu Mount 200 will be ok..... (I have just ordered one, so my NEQ6 pro Synscan with upgraded bolts and ADM dual saddle will be for sale...)
  14. Since I got the HitecAstro EQDir USB I havent felt the need to even plug the handset into the mount. This along with CdC, Phd and Nebulosity is all I use out in the field. I think it is anyway....... Yep, it is....
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