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  1. I know this post was months ago, but just wanted to reply and say thank you! I took a few months off and brought the telescope back out this weekend. I used this technique, and was able to get a great viewing of Jupiter and 5 of its moons. I then used this same approach for Saturn and was able to see Saturn and its rings! It was amazing. Unfortunately couldn’t get a picture as the phone adapter was being finicky. But just seeing it was so cool!
  2. Been off for a few months, but brought the telescope back out this weekend. Got some great observations. Great views of the moon. I saw Jupiter and 5 of its moons. And, for the first time ever, saw Saturn with its rings! Was with the family this weekend so they all got to see it too and thought it was very cool. Unfortunately, couldn’t get the phone adapter to cooperate with me this weekend and couldn’t get a pic of Jupiter or Saturn. Could only get pics of the moon.
  3. I’m learning how quickly the sky changes. Took a peek at the sky at 6:30 pm, and Jupiter was in perfect view overhead, nice and bright. And after getting tips on how to focus on Jupiter in the planets section, I was excited to take out the telescope and try again. So I figured after I put my son to bed tonight, I’d be able to go out and check it out. Go back out at 9:30, and Jupiter was too low on the horizon and out of sight. Lesson learned!
  4. Thanks so much! I have had some success with getting a decent shot of the moon. Was able to play with the focus until I was able to clearly see some detail. Here’s one I got the other night with my 9mm eyepiece (78x magnification) and I had a moon filter on.
  5. Thank you so much for the tip on focus! Im assuming that focusing strategy works on any object im trying to get a focus on?
  6. Ok great thanks for the feedback. When adjusting the focus, it ranged from tiny bright dot to what is shown in the photo. My scope is 700 mm length x 90mm aperture, and I was using a 9mm eyepiece. So am I correct in saying that my magnification was at 78x with that setup? I’ve googled images of Jupiter with various magnifications, and at 78x magnification it looks like Jupiter should be much smaller than what it looked like in my scope. So I will try again and adjust the focus.
  7. I also tried to get the comet last night. Was difficult from my house as there were trees in the way. But here’s what I got.
  8. I’ve been wondering this myself. I’m brand new to astronomy. I have a 90mm aperture refracting telescope. This is the view of Jupiter I was able to get the other night. Can’t really see detail, it just looked like a white circle. Maybe my focus wasn’t good and that was the issue? Or is this how it normally looks?
  9. That’s a good idea. The scope I was using is a 700mm focal length x 90mm aperture telescope. I had a 9mm eyepiece in.
  10. Omg so embarrassing, Astronomy, not Astrology, lol. Thank you for correcting that! Thanks for the tip on the binoculars, I hadn’t thought of that. looking forward to when it gets warmer and we can set up at an open park without freezing our tail off. Unfortunately my house isn’t great for seeing the sky, lots of light pollution and trees. So I can only see some planets and some bright stars with the naked eye from my house.
  11. Thanks! I need some work on observing the planets. For example I’ve been able to locate Jupiter, but it just looks like a white circle. I’ve seen images posted online where people can actually see the colors, the big red storm, etc…. So I have to do some research on how to observe it better, and see its moons. But I’ve definitely been very happy with the images of the moon I’ve seen so far.
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