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  1. i like the mount for it to float in the box idea if but it could rattle things loose if u was transporting to different  places. u could make a box  out of exterior grade ply 9mm should not take on moisture and it wont be to heavy and u could add casters on the bottom to help move about and line with foam

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  2. thanks i have been watching some youtube  tutorials but doing it myself is a different matter i new it was not easy before i started.

    learning new thing is always a struggle until you get your brain in the right gear



  3. Thanks guys I have a cls filter now I am in processing a batch I did the other night but I'm struggling with getting any colour bar the blue tinge from the filter I am using ps6 still getting used to it.


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  4. Hi thought i would post my first attempt with my new kit,

    20 subs x 300s

    15 darks 

    20 bias 

    unmodded 500d and SW80ED/EQ6

    really struggled with light pollution as i live about 3 mile away from a steelworks , 

    i no i need to learn to process better but is this a reasonable image for my unmodded camera   

    thanks nige


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  5. the north lincs astro group meet at farings nature resurve just the other side of the bridge if you click the link in my sig their is a map on our website the we hav good views to the south and west east is a little bit obstructed but you dont get any lp from hull or the bridge and not that far away from you

  6. the 130p isnot very good for imaging the mount is not the right type of mount for dso imaging but u could get a few shots of the moon with a webcam, the 130p is not great for planets ether not enought focal length.

    it is not bad for looking at dso i have the 130p goto and have seen a a good few dso but i new within a week i wanted a new scope

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