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  1. Having got wiped out by cloud for the transit of Venus I legged it north out of London to keep ahead of the clouds. Managed a good two hours viewing in Huntingdon before the hazy clouds took over. Result!
  2. I think I will have to remain around Inverness. I am flying and not planning to hire a car. Compared to London the eclipse should be dramatic, even if it is cloudy.
  3. Thanks for that. Blimey, you are in the birdseat - in Orkney! Tantamount to a total eclipse there isn't it? It should be good anywhere but I just don't want to book somewhere and then find I am on the west side of a hill and have to walk miles to get around to the east. I shall be struggling with my PST too.
  4. Hi I am planning to be in Inverness for the March 20 solar near-eclipse. Anyone with local knowledge able to give some advice. Obviously you can see the sun, if it shows through clouds, from anywhere but equally there are hills and things that can get in the way. I have yet to book some accommodation so any advice about clear views right outside my door would be appreciated.
  5. Look up Baker Street irregulars - they meet in Regents Park once a month.
  6. Gawping through my PST April 1 there is a huge arch of energy made up of two prominences apparently linking. Very spectacular. See it if you have a PST or look on top left in SOHO pictures The Very Latest SOHO Images By the way - go to Soho's movie theatre and look at EIT 304 (it's the designation of a camera) for 2010-03-30 (should be taken at 1919) there is an strong mass ejection which nearly goes out of frame.
  7. Been admiring the prominence all day with my PST. Able to see it quite clearly on the setting sun - it is still large but seems to be more diffuse - possibly about to 'break away"? AG
  8. Very good review Jove. I live in London too and recently hefted my 127 down to the south of France where the skies are clear. I can confirm that you can see galaxies and nebulas beautifully with the telescope - it's the lousy LP that's to blame in The Smoke. AG
  9. Interesting! How does the Giro III Push-To fit in? AG
  10. Can we have a quick test to see how good people's binoculars are? I have been looking at Jupiter on one of these cold, clear nights through my 20x80s and am a little disappointed. I can see four moons fair enough but the planet itself seems to flare slightly differently through each eyepiece of the binoculars. So Jupiter is more fried egg than boiled egg shaped. Not flat as a plate but a bit What about the rest of you? AG
  11. Well it apparently took 0.78s for the ISS to cross the moon's disk. So not much chance of seeing that! I put a domestic mini-dv video camera up and examined it afterwards. It was very out of focus. There's something remarkably ISS-ish on it - but surely much too big so I figure it was a lost bird returning home! Next time maybe. AG
  12. Hi Tommo I would say a Red Dot Finder is really useful if it didnt come with your Mak. The ordinary tube finder and the Mak don't really mix. As for eyepieces, watch the For Sale section - people do have clear outs and you may find fine EPs for good prices. AG
  13. This was a stub message to tell you to look in the Astrolounge section. Added to alert Lunar observers to that message. And that message details that there are three passes on Jan 01, first at 21.55 from cornwall to London and beyond, another about 2300 near Manchester, and yet another about 0100 from South Wales to Worthing. Suggest everyone have a squint at Calsky.com - as I said it gives you the times and plots the lines on a googlemap so you can see where they go. AG ps As to whether you will see anything I have no idea. ISS is tiny and you won't see it coming. I hope to stick a video camera up and just record 4 minutes worth and then see if I have anything...
  14. Note in Astro lounge - heads up about opportunity to see Space Station going across face of the moon on Jan 1 just before 22.00gmt in UK. AG
  15. According to Calsky.com the Int Space Station will be shuffling across the face of the moon from 2155pm Jan 1 for those observing along a thin line from Cornwall to just north of London and beyond. Later there is also one west to east clipping Manchester and another from South Wales to Worthing. Best to have a look yourselves as each time I click on it the centre line changes a little. Still worth getting out the cameras to begin the New Year. AG
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