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  1. It really depends if you are more a visual observer or not, if so then it’s got to be the Dobsonian, best views by far, also available with goto if required, which I do have on my 18” U/C
  2. I would get the 14” dob and see how you go from there, then a later date get the next scope depending what your requirements are then
  3. Did for a while as I wanted a 36” but I decided that it would not be that much of a improvement over my 30” ?
  4. Obviously I use the wheel barrow handles on my Obsessions, you can move them in one piece as in the photo, but I prefer to break it down as it’s safer for the 30”, this method is great for uneven ground and can be adapted for your scope as seen in the photos
  5. Never thought about it, will have a think and let you know if I do
  6. Yes, still have 12” lx200, have not used it for a few years as it used to live in a observatory but that burnt down a couple of years ago, just got lucky the scope was not in it at the time . I think you are going to find the sct a smaller field of view along with it being dimmer as it loses more light with all the mirrors and centre obstruction, which will not help with finding faint fuzzies, obviously the sct is a better observatory scope , but I think a dob would give you better views of deep sky objects and if you could pick up a used 15” or 18” Obsession Telescopes it would just blow you away with what can be seen. But it really depends what is most important to you
  7. Must admit the 1st time I looked through my bino viewer as Saturn, the view was just stunning and the detail was incredible ?
  8. Really depends what you are comparing it to, I upgraded from my 8” lx200 to the 12” , the 8” was a lot lighter than the 12” that’s for sure, but viewing was vastly improved on the 12” but obviously does not compete with the 18” and 30” Obsession Telescopes, but enjoyed the views from it for many years until aperture fever came back ?
  9. When I was looking to upgrade from my 12” lx200, I was looking at buying the 16” Meade, but decided to look at other options, that’s when I came across Obsession Telescopes, I was looking at the 20” or maybe the 25” at a push, chatted to Dave many times, about the difference, finally made the decision to push the boat out and order the 25”, rang Dave to place the order and just asked in passing would he ever make a second batch of 30’s, only to be informed that he had a batch going through at the moment, so the order for the dream scope was placed ?
  10. Would of thought they could lift the dome with a crane and put it onto a lorry
  11. That’s a real shame, I would love that on my property, if they are looking for a good home for it I would be interested
  12. If I only had to choose two scopes from my collection then it would have to be my 18” and 30” Obsession Telescopes, but to be honest I think you need three or four to be happy ?
  13. I thought it might come with the eyepieces as a package deal ?
  14. Got to be the 12” dob and you could always fit a bino viewer to it, will be a great bit of kit
  15. I just love this time of year when you don’t need all of your kit against the freezing temperatures and you can go out and see all of the planets, life just feels great when your not freezing to death, but maybe I am just getting old ?
  16. A pair of Tele Vue 11mm Plossis just arrived ?
  17. My 1st scope was a present when I was a kid, it was something like a 2" refractor, nothing special but I didn't get back into the hobby till a lot later when I purchased my 1st proper telescope which was a lx200 8" but aperture fever soon struck and I upgraded it very quickly to a 12" version, aperture fever seemed to come and go over the next few years but I managed to keep it under some sort of control , having spoken to Dave at Obsession Telescopes a few times over that period and missing the 1st batch of 30's and being told he was not going to make any more, which put a bit of a damper on things, so that put me back to contemplating what to go for, after many more months had passed I finally decide on the Obsession 25" and rang Dave to place the order, while chatting to him I asked if he would ever make any 30" again, which he replied to by saying they are making a batch this year, so I placed a order there and then for a 30" I have also added a few other telescope over the years to my collection but nothing quite as big as the 30 Picture of my little baby
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