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  1. I live our in the sticks so no other houses around. Even at 25 mm it was bad. I will try putting it out for a few hours next time and hope for a better outcome.
  2. Sorry I meant 60 minutes. Even then it still hadn't improved. Would anything like a dirty eyepiece cause this? Also to note when out of focus a bright star will appear as a nice round donut so I think the collimation is ok. Just starting to get the feeling like the se is more hassle than its worth. And that I should have stuck with my dob
  3. Well it's about 23-25 degrees difference between inside and out. But after 6 mins still lots of heat wave. Just so I can check things off, what list of things can cause this effect?
  4. How long should it take to cool down? It's about 3 degrees outside
  5. Just been outside to look at Jupiter through me 8se and became very frustrated. I can get to a point were I can see markings but the is constant heat wave effect, even at 25mm. Tried the moon and the same thing?? Nothing's changed with the telescope and only has a few bits of dust on the corrector so I can't see that being an issue. I took it outside from a 25 degree room but it's been outside 45 minutes so surely enough time to cool down. Lastly the seeing condition look good tonight So I'm really confused as to what it is???
  6. I personally don't like mine. I know the moon can be bright but I prefer the detail once your eye adjusts. I would rather buy a filter to make the most out of planets or DSO
  7. Your friend must be very wise suggesting the bst eyepieces! As for the filter I will drop you round mine to try Philip, where is the best place to find details of local Astro societies?
  8. That might have been my problem. I had the window open as I thought it wouldn't work throw double glazing. It was about 8 degrees ouside and 20+ indoors. So best to view through a clean window. Also I'm using a 8se, does it matter that it's a fairly large telescope
  9. Hi all Decided to have a look out the window around 1:30 this morning and saw Jupiter in open view. So thought I would have a try at pointing my scope at it for a quick look. Now I could see the moons, however Jupiter was just a multicoloured ball with heat wave effect. Now I'm guessing that not cooling my telescope down and the temp difference from inside and out didn't help, but still thought I'd see it fairly well So is it possible to view from indoors? And if so any tips?
  10. Thanks for the comments. I had a nightmare trying to run my 8se off batteries, so told my friend to order a power pack with the telescope. One problem we encountered was the lead he brought. It doesn't fit very well so often drops the power off. Also it comes up with an error 1orang 17 code while using the telescope. I guess this is also the lead, as when swapped with my maplin lead this didn't happen
  11. Well I have previously had a skywatcher dob and am on my second celestron. I advised my friend that the celestron eyepiece is better and I really like the goto on the celestron. My friend brought it from FLO today after they echoed my thoughts. Btw just to note my friend mentioned that FLO were very helpful, so cheers guys
  12. Thanks for the replies. He went for the celestron in the end. Now the handset provided looks identical to my handset on my 8se. Now my Se has 40000 objects and the 127 only 4000. Are they different handset or can the slt be updated?
  13. Hi all A question for a friend. He is buying either a skymax 127 goto or a celestron 127 stl. I know the are pretty much the same, but can anyone recommend which one might be better?
  14. Now this might be totally irrelevant to the original post. However the last few nights I have been out have been pretty damp. A few nights back I took my scope (8se) out left it to cool, the aligned it. Now for some reason I decided not to put my dew cover on. I then looked around for a bit then went to have a look at M13. Nothing, which I thought was odd until I saw a layer of dew on the corrector. So maybe something to consider?
  15. I will get some ordered up tomorrow. As always thanks everyone for their help
  16. Ok I'll give the fluid a try. Although I was under the impression that there is a special coating on the glass
  17. I took my celestron 8se out a few nights back with a friend and after a while a fair amount of dew had built up on the front lense (forgot the correct name) Not a problem as I was just about to pack up. However before I did I showed my friend why the viewing had gone downhill. Out if the blue he wiped it with his finger and said 'oh yeah'. Idiot! Now I have a cm long smudge on the lense. I don't dare try to clean it as I don't want to damage it, what are my options??
  18. I had a 250p and saw the moon, planets and M13 through it. I since moved to a celestron 6se now the 8. I find the 8 gives IMO better views that the dob and is much more practical. Some more experienced people might say learn to star hop. But I have seen so many objects through my Se as there at a tough of a button. Main thing is what you think will be best suited to you
  19. I had a 250 dob. Brilliant telescope but takes up a lot of room, I would imagine the 200 would also. I changed to a 6 then 8se. I would say I get better visual use from the 8 compared to the dob. And it folds away nicely. As said, the best telescope it the one you'll use. It's great buying the biggest scope on your budget. But if it not practical for you, it will become a chore to use and you won't want to bother with it.
  20. My friend has just Got himself a Meade 4505 which uses 0.965 eyepieces. He asked it it was worth getting a 0.965- 1.25 adaptor. I said it would allow him more choice of eyepiece but it would reduce the FOV of the 1.25 eyepiece. Would it still be worth while? Or is there a better way round it?
  21. After reading a few things about the formation of stars and there life cycle, it got my thinking. Now stars fuse hydrogen into helium, albeit not quickly, are there any sources the produce hydrogen. If not surely over trillions and trillions of years stars will use up all available hydrogen to form new stars. Just to add this was only a random thought without much research so I might be miles off the truth.
  22. another vote for the 200. Bare in mind this is likely to be a long term purchase, so its worth saving up the extra on a scope you will be using for years to come
  23. I have just upgraded to the 8 OTA. The 6 was easy to carry out whole, but I'm surprised how much bigger the 8 OTA is! Might have to split in now but that was the reason I sold my dob. Damn my hunger for aperture
  24. Sorry if this has been gone over a lot, but I have a few questions about Iridium flares. what kind of mag flare would you expect to see with the naked eye. Furthermore I have seen a few coming up with a mag between -1.7 to -2.7. What would I need to view them, telescope, binoculars??
  25. With my old 10" dob I used to take the tube off the mount and lay it on the bed, then carry the mount out followed by the tube. Sometimes I used to carry it whole but was a struggle. No easy way to carry a big telescope as far as I know
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