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  1. I started with the 10" solid tube SW. I was very impressed with the bulid quality and the views it gave, still considering buying another one as I was so impressed.
  2. I have got all my current ep off that website or eBay and found some really good deals. Bst are good for their money and offer good eye relief. However I have 8mm televue plossl, although it has tight eye relief and small fov, it is brilliant for planetary work. Got it for £40 second hand
  3. I had a celestron zoom eyepiece, found it ok for learning the sky on my old dob. However I find my fixed ep better. I like the bst range, but if your not in a rush keep your eye out for some televue plossls. I got mine in mint condition for £40 secondhand, and I feel it definitely outperforms my zoom
  4. I think the setup once you get used to it is pretty easy. Although does worry me that I have heard a few users needing to reflash their hand controller. Must say after trying their starsense, I'm getting a bit worried they have let their quality slip. Hope it unlocks fine, and just be safe in the knowledge that when you do eventually get it to work the views are great
  5. I have brought a fair bit off eBay like eyepiece etc. The main thing is to check it over before you hand over the money.
  6. Try http://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/index.php Or good old eBay, you just missed two in the last few days that went for £500
  7. also just to add, there are often 6se that are nearly new going for £500 secondhand.
  8. I started out with the 6se- now 8se- and think its a good telescope for the money. However I have heard that the new app controlled plug in that is already available for the 6se is not very reliable, therefore it might not be that reliable on the evolution. Personally, the only benefit I can see is the built in battery due to having no cord. However there is a £350 difference, which you could either use to buy the 8SE or a power tank and a few good eyepieces.
  9. another vote for the wife..... and kids. Luckily a friend has taken up stargazing in the last 6 months, so can make a point of him coming over.
  10. I purchased a 8mm tv plossl a while back and think its great for planetary viewing. I also compared the 8mm tv against the 8mm bst, firstly on my 8se. 8mm is about the limit for viewing planets on this scope and this really showed on the 8mm bst, which really struggled. The tv manage to give much brighter image of Jupiter and seemed to cope with the magnification better. I then swapped to my friends celestron 127 mak. With the lower magnification the difference became less obvious. Although i feel the space was still darker using the tv. However as others have mentioned the eye relief is very tight on the tv, where the bst has a twist up eyecup providing much more confortable viewing. Another thin to mention is the tv while great for viewing planets the fov is very limiting for viewing anything else. Overall I would say the tv is the better ep and only cost a fraction more new than the bst. However do not buy if you are a glasses wearer. I may end up getting a 8mm delos in the future, however the 8mm plossl will be staying just for its close up planetary viewing
  11. Well I received the starsense Friday and battled for over 2 hours to get it to work. Firstly it was way off the selected object. Then after aligning the camera to the telescope the thing just went crazy. Firstly pointing at the floor. The continually freezing. To add to this the motor speed button was not manufactured correct so was half poking out of the controller. After paying £295 for it I expected it to actually work and not have shoddy workmanship. Very disappointed and will be sending it back. To add I live on a farm, so it was in a dark field with not trees nearby
  12. Firstly great telescope you have there. However I have the same mount and find the display very bright and easy to read. As for starsense, I should have mine tomorrow so will let you know once the clouds clear. Also biggest tip, if you haven't already, is to get a power tank. I found, as have others, that if used on batteries it will do crazy things.
  13. After reading a few different websites it seems users have been getting good results with the SE mount. Therefore with help advice from Steve@flo I have ordered mine. I will report on how it works when it arrives and the clouds clear
  14. Thanks for the response dewi. My main reason for getting starsense is to improve the accuracy. Might have to bite the bullet and get it.
  15. Personally I find my 8se is optically better than my old 250, especially on planets. I only managed to locate m13 on the 250 and although the image may have been slightly brighter I find I can resolve the stars better with the SE. Portability wise you could argue the 250 is better than the 8se. Although as a whole the 250 is heavier, it can easily be carried in two parts and assembled in the dark. I wouldn't like to mount the SE ota in the dark.
  16. great choice, i purchased my old skywatcher 250 dob fro rother vally and their service was brilliant. one thing i would say is upgrade the standard eyepieces when you get a chance, as these are really a limiting factor
  17. Here is mine, although haven't cut a space for my nee delos Looking to get few more tv eyepieces, but can't find any secondhand.
  18. I have read a few threads on the starsense, however a lot of people seem to be using them on eq mounts. I was wondering if anyone had first hand experience on use with the SE mount. Atm my go-to can be hit or miss with its accuracy. Now £295 is a lot of money, but if it works in centering the object in the eyepiece with very high accuracy it would be worth it. Thanks
  19. Totally agree with Steve, some nights it is more of a go-near than go-to. Firstly make sue all of the information you have input is as accurate as possible, I.e the exact time and if possible coordinates. Also make sure the telescope is as level as possible. Then I find manual two star align work best, and also pick two stars a distance apart from each other. However as mentioned above , sometime nights even the most careful alignment won't work 100% Great that you seeing some star at least
  20. Any update, found any stars or even better planets?
  21. M13 is my favourite DSO (and my first). I was going to add that I couldn't get my eye positioned well on the delos, However I have just found the body moves up and down to adjust the eye cup.
  22. Not tried the Hyperion, however I found the celestron really lacking compared to even reasonably priced ep duchvas the bst range. The build quality did seem pretty good though. I'm not sure what you use it for, but I am so glad I swapped to fixed eyepieces.
  23. Got to use my delos last night and was blown away by the fov. Viewed Jupiter and mars, and while focal length (17.3) meant the magnification wasn't that high, you could clearly see the markings of Jupiter. Next I viewed one of my favourite DSO, m13. The delos managed to pick out so many stars in the cluster with great clarity. This was greatly accompanied by the fov, which really let me views m13 in its surrounding sky. Unfortunately both my friend's and my celestron go-to were acting more like go-near so couldn't locate anything else. But my first impression was the delos outperformed all of my other eyepieces, including tv plossl, by leaps and bounds. So things in this hobby cost a lot and end up making such a little difference compared to their price tag. However the delos is worth every penny, even more so as I got it new for £170
  24. Well I was thinking of changing from the se mount, but not sure if it would be worthwhile.
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