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  1. thanks carl the only filter i used was a standard moon filter i processed the pics a bit using a phone app called snapseed but apart from that they are "clean" i may try using the video idea you mentioned but i would need to try and cobble some form of clamp for the phone i hope to upgrade to a better scope etc later on and do some proper "camera" imaging thanks again for the advice stick
  2. hey guys managed to take a few pics this week. basic set up (see signature) and nothing more than my phone camera ok they arearen'teat but they are my first forforayto the nebula that is imaging ! any tips greagratefullyireceived eers stick
  3. i use starwalk, the nasa app, stellarium, stars, planets, and PTTUniverse all ok but starwalk is the best by miles
  4. welcome to the lounge simon great place for picking up tips and info and most people on here are very friendly and ready to offer advice or help Just ask and somebody will answer !
  5. had great skies in Bristol last night had a couple of hours in the garden with my scope got such clear views of M42 i could even see green colouration awesome stuff clouds n rain tonight though
  6. i saw the Huw Edwards gaff last night as well, and frightend the missus as i roared abuse at the news ! the knee capping might work but dont fancy the size of gun needed to take out Russel Grant !
  7. looks like an advertising stunt mate cant see tropicana lighting up much else than small parts of london
  8. good work Kyrol keep going ive had my scope a year and im still finding things every time i go out had some great veiws of orions nebula and jupiter tonight got some definate green tinges from M42, best ive seen so far take your time, and enjoy Pastiche is right though, download stellarium its a great tool and can help you decipher what youve seen best o luck
  9. i thought it was generally OK although i do take the point thats some of it was a bit OTT for beginners. That said, i do like the way that both Brian cox and Dara O'Brien tried to explain even the more tricky bits in layman's terms like Tim said, its better than no astronomy programmes (with the obvious exception of TSAN)
  10. couple o great images there bob even if you did have to go without sausage sarnies !!
  11. stick


    Just some of my general astro pics
  12. hey guys thought some of you might like this vid showing the scale of the earth against the sun, rigel and VY Canis Majoris
  13. hey fellow "brizzle" gazer ! quite right, its stunning, had a couple more goes at looking for the GRS but still no joy but hey, this is a patience sport !!!
  14. managed to see Saturn in all its glory a while back now. You are right, it was brilliant to see, and as it was the first planet i saw for myself (well with the scope anyway !), i reckon it'll always be my favourite. Was looking to try and see the supernova in M101 as well but couldn't find it. (like i said I'm a newbie !) thanks for the replies one and all stick
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