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  1. Thanks - it was a really great sight. But so rare to get the right conditions.
  2. Agreed. The highest mag. is around 200x under typical UK conditions. I have pushed my Mak-Cass to around 300x with the very best of seeing conditions. It works very well but only with exceptionally stable air. I was able to get a very clean and clear image of the Double Double recently with a 6mm Plossl in this 1800mm focal length scope. Ed
  3. Great report - glad you had a good night with the scope. Some old familiars there, that bear repeat viewing. I got clouded out last night.....Just beginning to set up, and then a cloud bank rolled in. Ed
  4. Hi - thanks for sharing the image. It shows the view very well. Ed
  5. Good to go here - scope cooling. Good luck for clear skies.
  6. I hope not! Still clearing here. It looks good through Somerset, Wilts and Dorset. Dartmoor seems to be a cloud magnet. http://www.sat24.com/en/gb
  7. Yeah! The ST120 was going to get an airing, but I am just itching to try this focuser. Now that the night's are closing in - bad in one way! - I hope to get a lot more astro. time in. The ST120 will be out again soon. The sky is looking clearer by the minute down here, and SAT24 is showing a clear sky coming in from the WNW. Looking promising. Just a pity it's a Sunday.....
  8. I noticed there was a camp ground just down the road. I know it's not the same as being on site, but it might offer a possibility. I enjoyed the fair by the way, it was good to see so much enthusiasm for astronomy. Ed
  9. Sounds like a great buy for such fantastic gear. Enjoy! Ed
  10. Great image - good contrast shows up the details well. Ed
  11. I've got my fingers crossed in the southwest for some decent sky. What to look at? With a full moon, it looks like doubles, the moon itself, maybe some of the brighter globular clusters. I've got a new focuser to check out! Ed
  12. Great image - what an amazing sight. Thanks. Ed
  13. Here's a pic of my widefield set up. ST120, CG5-GT Very good for DSOs. Every item has been sourced from the For Sale listings on the 'lounge. Ed
  14. It's a great forum. I've come back after a break and it's as good as ever. Well done to all concerned. Ed
  15. This is an interesting test. Thanks for taking the time to do it. The SW LPR filters are excellent value, I have the 1.25" and the 2". All the best. Ed
  16. I have used both the ST80 and ST120. The CA is worse in the 120, but I use this for deep sky viewing so it's not really an issue. I've never had much problem with the 80. I did use the Baader Fringe Killer at first with the 80, but I didn't like the greeny-yellow tint it gave to the overall image. Ed
  17. I'm reassured - I fit the demographic perfectly! Ed
  18. The price of these looks pretty steep. This seems to be an odd way to introduce new technology. Usually it comes in on the hi-end equipment and is then filtered down. This looks like its starting at the bottom! Pricey scopes for what they are. Celestron SkyProdigy 90 Computerized Telescope £ 700.00 Due August : Order Now To Get It First : RRP £729 : You Save £29 Ed
  19. Hi there - I use a 150mm MAK. It's good for some DSOs, name globular clusters. However, the narrow field of view and long focal length may mean that it is difficult to get the best out of it for open clusters, galaxies, diffuse nebulae etc. You will also be limited by aperture on the smaller scopes. The MAKs are best on planetary, lunar, globulars, double stars, for which this type of telescope is exceptional. Ed
  20. I noticed the same thing last time I used the alignment on my CG-5. I was expecting Vega to appear in the list but it didn't. It seems like such an obvious choice at this time of year. Hope you sort it out. Ed
  21. Good to hear swampthing! I think the planisphere is a great way to learn about the sky.
  22. The planisphere is quite 'old-school' I guess!
  23. This is probably best from late November onwards, it is due south at midnight in mid-Dec according to my planisphere. Ed
  24. This is my inspiration at the moment. I need something to pack away small, but I would like to try a bigger aperture. This guy has built at 12", 18" and 20" in the same design. A homemade 12 inch dob lightweight telescope, DS-3 I think I could adapt this for a 10". At least I wouldn't need to tow it behind a car, or need a step ladder to look through the eyepiece!
  25. This puts my aspiration to build an ultra-lightweight 10" dobsonian into perspective. Perhaps I'm suffering from a lack of ATM ambition! Ed
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