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  1. Take the scope! The skies can be incredibly dark in Cornwall and on a good night you'll be amazed at what you can see. I've seen the tiny Leo triplet galaxies through an 80mm refractor (ST80). If you've got the space to take the scope, I don't think you'll be disappointed, weather permitting! Oh to be down there this week......But then again, sweeping through the Milky Way with binos at this time of year is a treat...... Ed
  2. Hi - this recent thread might be helpful. Hope you can sort out your mirror. Ed http://stargazerslou...condary-mirror/
  3. I have the 150 Mak Pro - it's a great scope. I would probably only swap it for a 180! I love it for double stars, planets, lunar, and dsos like planetary nebula. Ed
  4. I'm going to go with the silicone - I was able to get a small tube from the pet store, presumably used to repair fish tanks. Will let you know how I get on. Ed
  5. Very neat job - I will try this too. Thanks for the idea. Ed
  6. Hi there - many thanks for your help and advice - there's a few options there which is useful. I will shy away from the epoxy, and might try the tape - sounds less messy than the silicone ! I'm not the most practical type. All the best. Ed
  7. Hi there - what is recommended for attaching a secondary mirror to its mounting block? I am going to be making a secondary mirror set up and am not sure how to attach the mirror. Any advice appreciated. Thanks. Ed
  8. You could try something like this. It's called a copyscope because it uses a short focal length lens from a photocopier. There are instructions in some of the telescope making books. Build and copyscope How to Build a Copyscope Copyscope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia All the best. Ed
  9. Hi there - that is an excellent and simple design. Nice piece of work. The nail design is also great. I think I can just about manage that with my DIY skills! Ed
  10. Glad the heads up was helpful - happy reading to you all. Ed
  11. Hi there - if you have a local Waterstone's you can pick up a lovely hb copy of Patrick's 2012 yearbook for £9.99 (1/2 cover price). It's a wonderful edition, specially prepared for the 50th anniversary of his yearbooks. Lots of great reading, and a nice summary of the major astroevents of the year. Enjoy! Ed
  12. My goodness - an impressive scope. Are you on the Hubble team by any chance! It looks like it should be going into orbit and photographing deep space. Wow - great work. Ed
  13. Great work Horwig - top class focuser. Ed
  14. Looking forward to hearing about the scope. Thanks. Ed
  15. Hi Dan - welcome - do post a pic of the new scope, sounds very sleek. Ed
  16. I haven't found anywhere, apart from mirror makers. I wasn't aware of Glen Oliver's site (see above). You could try here: Parabolic low expansion mirrors There doesn't seem to be much of an atm scene in the UK, compared to the States. Ed
  17. Hi - I've just checked mine - two P5.5 caps! I could have sworn I had a P9 cap. Both P5.5 caps fit either the 5.5mm or 9mm eyepiece. The other two, the 14mm and the 26mm, have their own unique caps, neither of which are suitable for the smaller eyepieces.
  18. Wow - great shots, the castle really adds atmosphere to the whole scene. Ed
  19. Hi astrodee - welcome back. Looking forward to your reports and postings. Ed
  20. I think whole process is easier with a centre spot as you have a reference point on the primary. Otherwise it's difficult to judge just where you are in relation to the centre. With short focal length reflectors this is quite important.
  21. Glad you could rescue the situation - no harm done. Ed
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