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  1. Thanks again all - not sure about any white dots either Satsuma !!! - like it ;-)
  2. Yeah its an AVI and I have stacked the images - I suspect I need to do some fiddling once I've figured out registax a bit more !
  3. Thanks Guys I must try an earlier shoot to compare the seeing - thanks for the tip ! I had another go with a Barlow - again focus is an issue brt I'm quite happy for a first go !
  4. Well don't laugh too hard and be kind but this is the first image I've ever done of anything using a telescope ( even the moon!) Used a PST and an Orion Solar System Imager but I can't seem to get any higher screen res out of my ancient laptop which makes focusing and producing detail a bit difficult - I see a new laptop on the way !! Anyway here is it
  5. Had the neice and nephews, sister in law and even GF looking at the moon and Saturn on Sunday past. Much oohing and aaahing !! Maxing out the mag on the Magrez 72 with a 3mm only gives me about 130 x but you could still see the rings of Saturn distinctly even with the tiny size !! The moon you could lick ! Littlest (5yrs) went mad and demanded I give him the toy scope someone bought me for Xmas a couple of years ago so I had to lend him 50p so he could buy it of me !! Cute:D
  6. Dooomed ! Were all doomed Cap'n Manering....
  7. Typical - nothing works on my office termiinal - will need to havea go at home
  8. Nice pics - be interesting when theres some mor analysis or when the big giant letters saying "HELLO" are spotted on the surface !
  9. Thanks Guys / Gals - looks like it's do-able but maybe a webcam makes things easier. Some great images too folks ! I'm still trying (trying to see anything that is - bloomin weather!!)
  10. I splashed out on the Televue Nagler 6-3mm zoom which is utterly astounding but as previously mentioned is "mucho dinero" - however you do get 4 eyepices for the price of 1 plus the infinite gradations between the stops..........
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