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  1. I also have a Skymax 127 and I am considering buying the AZ GTI Mount to replace my AZ Goto Synscan. Do you image anything with your set up? How do you find it generally?
  2. I will take the advice and not buy anything just yet. But I am still curious about what I can do to my Skymax 127? It wont do any harm to consider my options out of interest as much as functionality.
  3. I want to consider my options with regard to developing this scope. I quite fancy using the app to control the mount. But there may be other things I can do which are better?
  4. HI all, I am preparing to blow the dust off my SkyWatcher Skymax 127 AZ Goto after leaving it alone since 2011!! I am going to photograph the moon again at least. So my questions are......what developments have there been since 2011 with the Skymax 127 or MAks in general? What can I do to my Mak to upgrade it? For example is it worth selling the mount and getting the AZ GTI or whatever it is called but keeping the OTA?
  5. Star-Gazer

    Hello Again

    I joined a long time ago now but have not really been around for the last few years. What did I miss? I was last properly active in 2011.
  6. Thanks for the comments. I managed to buy the lens new but actually second hand with just a damaged box for £83 delivered (and it is the APO version and not the much cheaper 70-300 version). I wanted to have a play on the cheap to get some experience with telephoto and macro before committing to expensive lenses etc. I find that I am doing a lot in PP with greyscale and sharpening but I like the results so far and will try to get better and better. I have a Skymax 127 which I will attach my Canon 60D to at prime focus. This will give me a much bigger close up without having to crop.
  7. Took this with Canon 60D and Sigma 70-300 DG APO Macro lens. One shot at 300mm f11 1/100 iso 100. I am waiting for the right environment to use my Skymax 127 and Canon 60d at prime focus:
  8. I deleted all the Registax folders earlier and just re-installed version 6 and it is working but reporting a memory violation and so I may have to fiddle a bit more.
  9. And one other thing is that when the splash screen starts it won't stop and I have to log out and back in to get rid of the splash screen !! AAAAAGGHHHH!
  10. Can someone please help me get Registax to work as it used to and nothing has changed. It shows the splash screen but won't load and just hangs (not responding - agh!). I have completely uninstalled versions 5 and 6 and need to start again. If anyone knows this program well enough to help then please do. I am pulling my hair out and have been leaving the system alone to see if it just takes a long time but that is not the case the splash screen just sits there mocking me when I come back!! I am using a dual core win 7 laptop with 6gb ram and it all used to work just fine.
  11. excellent shots well done that man!!
  12. Hi All Registax 6 hangs when I try to load it and then I cannot get rid of the registax splash screen without logging off and back on.. I am running dual core and 6 gb RAM. Any ideas?
  13. Really excellent images. Do you have an online album of all your images by any chance?
  14. Thanks for all the useful help everyone. I charged it for 6 hours yesterday and the light worked and the meter was in the green but this morning all that charge has gone. So I think it is dead and I will have to buy a new one and look after it as advised in this thread.
  15. I bought a power pack from Maplins last year (around June). I hadn't used it for many months and then came to use it recently and despite over 12hrs of charge it runs out of charge almost straight away. Is this normal and is there something I can do to make it work properly? I don't like the idea of buying a new one as the same thing may well happen again.
  16. Well to my absolute delight both companies have emailed me to offer me the replacement part for £10 (Opticstar) and £7.50 (Optical Vision Ltd) including P&P. So fingers crossed I will be back in business in a few days and if anyone else needs replacement parts then these are the companies to deal with. Thnaks to all who helped as well.
  17. OK I have fired off emails to the two companies mantioned above so thanks for that. Any more help would be appreciated.
  18. Thanks for the replies. I am pretty useless at DIY and would prefer to get a replacement part if possible.
  19. OK here is a picture. You can see where the leg is snapped as it does not connect to the centre unlike the other two legs which do connect. Thanks for trying to help.
  20. Thanks Brantuk. I tried Astroboot but there are not any available. Any other ideeas anyone?
  21. I have a Skymax 127 with az goto mount and my sister has broken one of the "legs" of the tray which connects to one of the legs of the tripod itself and this makes the scope unuseable. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement leg piece (leg of the tray and not the tripod leg). ta
  22. Rik how do you get so much space around your image? I tried a test last night and sure enough I got my single shot but had a devil of a job to get the Moon in the frame and keep it there. Yours looks like it has loads of space around it.
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