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  1. Roll-off is done, I have to install the motor and maybe some small stuff too, not a big deal unless I shoot myself with a new design :-) I finished the polar alignment and now Im waiting for good weather, CCDAP needs a new initialization because I changed the quider.
  2. Have someone managed to integrate the data from Boltek into the system? More questions will come, Im sure.
  3. Hello everyone, in autumn I will (hope so) manage to finish my roll-off. I still have some open questions. So here we go 1. Opener. I have a 100 W PV micro system (wil be upgraded at 200W) connected to a car batterie, the loader keeps itfresh and healthy (Steca PR 3030). Everything what I found was running at 24 V is there some system capable to run at 12 V? If yes please drop me a link. Also it has to have a mechanical switch no wireless keys. The Battery is a 60AH 12 V car battery and for now care about the outdoor sensor of the weather station (12 V 0,07A fan). 2. Weather security I have a. weather station (wind speed and direction, temperature, relative humidity, rain) b. AAG Cloud detector c. I will get next week a Boltek PCI lightning detector How can I instruct the system in case thet the PC if off (BSOD, power outage) to close the roof? Thank you Emil
  4. Thanx for your nice words, color is actually not planned, I do mostly my images in H-alpha and I always try to add so many frames as possible in one band, and honestly I enjoy more the monochrome images more as the color ones. But if someone needs the H-alpha channel for an RGB and has similar FOV just let me know.
  5. Mount: EQ-6 Pro over EQMOD Photo: TS ED 90/500mm 3.5"/ F 5.5, QHY 9M at -30°C -22°F Ghuiding: Celestron SLT 102/660 mm 4.0"/ F 6.5 Atik 16IC Filter: 6 nm H-alpha from Astrodon (Starlight Xpress Filterwheel 7 pos.) Exposure time: 63 x 900 seconds Stacking in DeepSkyStacker and post-processing in Photoshop. Astrometric solution RA 22h 18 m 04.8s DEC +55° 50´ 44.2" Pos Angle +89° 44.1´, Focal length 496.1 mm, Resolution 2.24"/Pixel
  6. Hello everybody, So as you can see I'm Emil (I don't start with "my name is" because it sounds too much like a song and if I start to sing then you will start to bleed . I started with this hobby about 4 years ago with a 6" Newton F/8 with a EQ-1 mount, yeap something similar with wobbling wobbling all night long so Ive move up to the next wobbling level: 10" Meade SN on LXD75 but I had some nice views with it. After about 2 years the LXD75 died because had some water allergy so till I got the thing repaired I moved to EQ-6 Skyscan Pro and a smaller scope with the same specifications as the Takahashi Sky 90. From cameras I started with the Canon 350D then Meade DSI gen.1 color, but still unhappy with those 2, I got the opportunity to buy for a good price a Kodak 1602E based camera produced in Germany by Astroelektronik Fisher, from that moment I started to get more or less good images. In December 2010 I moved to a QHY 9M camera and a Starlight Xpress filter-wheel. I do mainly narrowband images 95% in H-alpha and my favorite target is the nebula class. So, that's me I guess, as far I can remember :-) Clear skies to everyone Emil K
  7. So, my very first posting here, thanks for your comments. I have to admit the M81 M82 "stuff" was the hardest project done till now, we lost some night because I have managed to frame totally wrong the "subjects" and at the end I found that the GSC 4383 star is the suitable one to use. And also Lady Moon had covered the IFN in the last nights so again about 2 nights I exposed with no results but it was still good as framing training. From my side I had the luck to have some good nights so I did the acquisition using CCD Autopilot 4 Pro. Clear skies to everyone Emil K
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