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  1. Saturn was one of my first objects to view, and years later i still get that WOW feeling every time i see it
  2. great work, one of the best images i seen in a long time
  3. download winrar, its free. then open the file and select 'extrat to' chose your desired location and that should be it
  4. hey and welcome from a fellow bradfordian ;-)
  5. a warm welcome, hope you enjoy your stay
  6. the cigarette lead is used to connect to the mount from the power unit
  7. malc make sure you get the galaxy s2, i have just got one and it blows my iphone4 away! the 4.3" screen is just perfect for all the astro apps
  8. hi martin and welcome from a fellow bradfordian
  9. discovery science is running a space themed week, starting next monday
  10. hi paul,and welcome from another bradfordian
  11. chin up mate! i was waiting over 2weeks for my first light........and im sure many others have had longer waits :-)
  12. is there any solution to reduce the vibration thru the scope whilst adjusting the focusing on a sw 127 mak
  13. hi chris and welcome to sgl, nice image you have posted
  14. my lil scope travels in the boot,whilst sitting on (sunken in) a bean bag! no damage so far
  15. your safe to open everything up, auto and super are the same thing
  16. it sure is a awesome feeling,i had my first viewing of saturn a few weeks ago. since then i have viewed a few more times and it still gives me the same jaw dropping feeling. the money i spent is it worth it just for them views alone :-)
  17. so you mean like smeg head rimmer getting a visit from ace rimmer...all those hours n hours spent watching red dwarf and everything they said is true. :-)
  18. hello from england zebb, im in the same boat as you no friends who are into it. and they just love it when i start talking about my viewings in pub haha
  19. im a newbie to this aswell,but i can say from the few times i have used my 127 that it is a great little scope. i have had some great views of saturn and the moon in the last couple of days.
  20. nice pic mate, my scope is just sat outside cooling so i can go have a quick scan over the moon. but its blumming freezing out there
  21. yep the earth the started with a 5 hour day, but our moon gradually slowed us down.... god bless the disco chan
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