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    Hello and welcome roger
  2. Hi Bart and welcome! Sláinte roger
  3. That's pretty good considering the limitations, just shows what can be done... roger
  4. Great pix/vid. Have you tried inputting the video into registax to see what image it can pull out? Sláinte roger
  5. Shibby, great app but it doesn't display full screen on a tablet (I have the Advent Vega) and as my tablet doesn't have GPS I had to enter co-ord, but I couldn't enter -2.xxx for longitude. keep up the coding roger
  6. oh my god, it's full of stars.... what a nice night, pity I don't have my 'scope yet
  7. I'm just going through the same decisions, and the EQ5 Syntrek and SW 200PDS is what it looks like I want... What other extras are you planning on (power, EPs etc.)? roger
  8. Looks like I'm going to have to sell my metal detectors to help finance this due to needing a much better mount, but on the bonus side is the fact that I don't have to dig So what I'm thinking is:- EQ6 mount - at least Synscan but I may go for the GOTO version for the extra interfaces. Skywatcher Explorer 250 PDS OTA Some decent lenses/Barlows That should get me some decent observing until I can can buy a decent CCD/Camera. Thoughts?
  9. RogerTheDodger


    Wow, I've never been on a board where so may people join on the same day... hello
  10. Greetings from another newbie
  11. Camera-wise, after buying the 'scope/mount I'll be starting at budget end and working my way up over the next couple of years... not sure whether I'll go down the dedicated CCD route or DSLR that can have another use.
  12. I've ordered the book but that sounds like good basic advice. I thought the dob mount would probably not be good enough. I think by weight you mean effects of inertia on tracking, that's the sort of opinion i'm looking for.
  13. Before I choose my 'scope, I have questions.... Q. 1 of lots... As my primary interest is DSO/Astrophotography and will probably want some long exposure times (please correct me if this is an invalid assumption...) what sort of mount would be a good choice? I've been looking at the SkyWatcher 'scopes with a dob mount with the tracking option (I don't want/need goto) but is this good enough? or do I need to look at an equatorial mount for this?
  14. Thankyou for the welcomes This really is a good site, I've spent the last 2-3 hours reading and not bored yet I do have a lot of questions as I want to get off to a good start. my main interests are in DSO and astrophotograhy. roger
  15. Hello from Halesowen I have been thinking over the last couple of years about getting back into astronomy - I did a fair bit in the '70s-'80's - and now I'm looking at buying a decent 'scope. A week ago I was thinking I'd get a 6-8" dob, but now i'm hoping to go straight for a 12" dob with tracking. There are loads of brilliant posts on here, I wish I'd found this forum a couple of weeks ago, but I'm glad I did berfore purchasing. off to read more now... roger
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