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  1. first post here goes.

    My recently aquired ci-700 has a losmandy type saddle plate, i want to attach my 200mm f4 newt to it but the newt has a vixen style plate.

    i might also want to fit my OMC to it, also currently fitted with the vixen type plate.

    Is there a fits all plate available?

    it appears that there are lots of options- diferent plates etc.

    which would suit best, any ides anyone?


  2. Hi All the name's Ray alias Libraryman; it's a long time since i last visited this forum but Hey; glad to be back.

    always had a strong interest in all thing astronomy, but like lots of folk, i spend too much time working and for the most part i'm an office astronomer, but i do get away quite often & enjoy visual astronomy when i can, i'm hoping to retire in a few short years, i can indulge myself then.

    i'm collecting a good range of kit together a special thanks to Tom for the ci-700 mount he sold me, a very good mount at a great price.

    That's me see you all next door.

    Regards Ray:D

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