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  1. Hello & Welcome.... Enjoy your journey...!!
  2. richardjd

    New Member

    Hello and Welcome... Enjoy the dark skies....
  3. GREAT NEWS, have you added additional phone lines / operatives.??
  4. Thanks again John. All sorted my Diagonal did come with a 1.25" adaptor so i can make use of the tuning rings after all. Thank you.
  5. Thanks John, I have jsut checked and my W/O Diagonal has an internal stop which stops the 2" tuning ring from touching the mirror. Thank you for your speedy repsonce.
  6. Hello All, Please could someone let me kow if i can use the Baader tuning rings when using the eyepiece as a 2" or do they only work when using the end element that then turns in back into a 1.25". Your help will be appreciated. Kind regards,
  7. Hi Stu, welcome to SGL and i'm also not far away "Wolverhampton"
  8. richardjd


    Hello, Baader Hyperion 13mm and tuning rings on order....
  9. richardjd


    Thank you all for your warm welcome messages....
  10. richardjd


    Thank you. I'm also in the Midlands - wolverhampton.
  11. richardjd


    Hello All, Quite new to this and enjoying my journey thus far. With the vastness of the skies i think that this journey will last a lifetime.... I started 5 months ago with a Skywatcher 130 and then very quickly decided that viewing Messier objects was for me. So, I decided 2 weeks ago that an upgrade it would be and so arrived the Nexstar 8SE. I'm so pleased and I really am addicted and Astrophotography must be the next step. Thank you to my Girlfriend as she contributed to the upgrade and my 3 yr old daughter is overjoyed when we set it up to view the moon. Great Site with a tremedous amount of people who are willing to share their vast knowledge.. Thank you SGL Regards, Richard D:icon_salut:
  12. Great picture... Plato Crater at the top of the Mare Imbrium, also in veiw the Apollo 15 landing site Mons Hadley...
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