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  1. What a big moon you have there LOL like the image crisp and clear
  2. Hi for this image i used a skywatcher130p and x2 barlow along with spec900nc web cam 700 frames stacked in registax5.1 cropped and finished p.s e9
  3. First go at deep sky its not good but its a start the setting was 10 second exp iso400 and 300mm lens canon eos 1100d ( any advice welcome ) i think i need it
  4. Great image nothing wrong with them
  5. This shot was taken using a canon eos 1100d with 300mm lens done in photoshop elements9
  6. How do you do that the t-ring i have got screws on to my focuser so when i put the barlow in i cant fit the camera to the t-ring
  7. Hi could you help me i just bought a t-ring to join my camera to my telescope it fits ok but i CAN NOT FOCUS on anything i have tryed with the moon and its just a white shape im i doing something wrong or do i need to add something
  8. Amazing images like these alot wish i could get even close to these
  9. HI all its bin a long time i managed my first jupiter of the year it was only about 590 frames from 2000 pretty bad really
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