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  1. Very nice image Freddie. Lucky to get what you did with all the clouds around. Celestron C8 SGT, CG5 mount, Canon1100D, DBk21AU04AS Roy
  2. A absolutely superb shot of something so very different. Roy Celestron C8sgt,cg5mount,canon1100d, DBK21AU04.AS
  3. A very nice image of a distant galaxy. I like the image of the quasars plenty of detail. Roy Celestron C 8 SGT, CG5 Mount, Canon 1100D, DBK au04 AS
  4. Very nice image of something different. Roy Celestron C8 SGT, CG 5 mount, Canon 1100D, DBK 21 AU04 AS
  5. A very nice picture of a very different target. Perfectly imaged. Roy Wow, I like it. Sussex calling. Celestron C8-SGT, CG5 mount. Canon 1100D, DBK 21 AUO4AS
  6. Very nice picture with a lot of detail. Roy Celestron C8 sgt, CG5 mount, Canon 1100d. DBK 21 AU04 As
  7. Very good image for such a low target. Celestron C8 SGt CG5 Mount Canon 1100D DBK 21 AU04 AS
  8. Very good capture. Lucky to be able to get 10 shots in.
  9. A couple of really good shots
  10. A set of very good images. Yes it does look like a chicken trying to lay an egg. Celestron C8 S G T. C G 5 mount. Canon 1100D. Plus various bits and bobs
  11. I have just got round to processing this from Tuesday night. I took 200 shots at 1/3200 of a second with an iso of 800 from my Canon 1100d a 75-300mm lens and fixed tripod. Processed in PIPP then AS2 sharpened in R6. This is taken from southern Spain. My telescope did not travel with me this year. Celestron C8 SGT, CG5 mount, Canon 1100d
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