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  1. spray water on it when it's on, it'll soon go off !
  2. my wife usually moves things that don't belong...she's probably had a go at lifting your scope and thought sod that ! :-)
  3. Aye started to watch first one but fell asleep half way through... Morgan Freeman - The perfect cure for insomnia ! :-)
  4. Sounds a good trip that Steve, when we heading up? Me and our lass are free august/sept time ?? :-)
  5. One's near me stay off for a good 40 mins or so? Must be the bulbs or something ? Very funny when neighbour over road keeps ringing council to repair them!! :-) hehehe !! :-)
  6. I just got a green 5mw off ebay, little bigger than a pen...works a treat...even turns off street lights...
  7. Get yourself's a green laser pen from ebay, point it at the sensor, and they go off for an hour, walah !! :-)
  8. Hi Steve, I got setup in garden last night and saw Saturn for first time... Absolute awesome sight... was blown away...
  9. Yeah was after some hand held ones really? Just to take with me on a cloudy night when in middle of country... Was thinking something like this? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/BRESSER-HUNTER-PORRO-10x50-BINOCULARS-COMPLETE-UNUSED-/180635807709?pt=UK_Photography_Binoculars_ET&hash=item2a0ebbafdd#ht_500wt_1156
  10. The moon atomic fragments and fictions - Angels and Airwaves
  11. I just want Mr Cox to admit he only went to those locations for a clear and very very dark sky.. :-)
  12. hi folks, wondered if you could be of assistance, I've got around £50 to spend on some bino's just to take along when I take my scope out to help me find bits etc? Any suggestions? Not expecting the worlds greatest? cheers, Paul.
  13. Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide Sorry if already posted.... We certainly need to go back there, imagine a station on the moon...
  14. (Apologies couldn't find it posted?) Anyone else watch it last night?? Focused on asteroids last night, very very interesting... they say car size ones impact our earth everyday... And the one that's coming close by in 2029 says if it passes through this certain window of only a mile wide, it will deflect it enough to hit earth... Next one on sunday at 8pm.... http://www.history.com/shows/the-universe
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