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  1. Great list, many thanks - Have book marked page and will work my way through them - slowly - need time to thaw out!
  2. Thanks for the replies, I will have to check the book out - I assume it's suitable for us in the UK? I have already downloaded Stellarium which is excellent and have got a planisphere - though maybe it's me, but I don't find it very easy to use - as for the Messier objects - well there's quite a few to work through! better get going!
  3. Have literally just started viewing the skies - last night I had wonderful view of the moon and Jupiter and it's moons and was completely awestruck - but rather than just getting my telescope to "tour" the skies (even if I can get it to align properly!) What easy to find stars/nebulas etc would you recommend I start looking for - I want reasonably easy to find objects so that I can start learning where they are and what they're called. Gudance from more experienced most welcome!
  4. Got my first Telescope from my very generous wife for Christmas, and have waited agonisingly sice for a chance to get out there and try it - last night was wonderful - saw the moon for the first time and dragged everyone out into the garden! Loved it ! Then found Jupiter and the moons - getting excited now - who cares if it's cold - it's bright!!
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