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  1. Well, if I didn't know better.........Actually, I don't!
  2. I also saw something incredibly bright last night - about 10.52pm looking West - again I thought of Arcturus but it was far to bright for that - obviously not ISS - but can't find anything on Heavens Above that matches -It's a mystery as Toyah would say.....
  3. No Need - no adverts! Makes a pleasant change!
  4. Maybe it's the photo's, but it does look a little "plastic-y" to me - haven't seen one in the flesh so that might be a little unfair
  5. MorningMajor

    Hello :)

    Hi and welcome from me too!
  6. Hi and welcome from me too!
  7. Hi and welcome from me too!
  8. Welcome from me too!
  9. Hi Landon and welcome - Enjoy!
  10. Hi and welcome from me too!
  11. Hi Steve and welcome aboard
  12. Hi Dave and welcome - what a great spot!
  13. Hi Kieran and welcome (back?) from me too!
  14. Hi Chris and welcome aboard
  15. Hi and welcome from me too
  16. Don't see the problem myself, not everyone selling a telescope is an astronomer- what little detail there is - is probably all he knows - not asking for a fortune - simple, buyer beware
  17. Saturn will look great through the SLT - not huge, but on a good night it should be pinpoint sharp
  18. Hi Rob and welcome, set up looks great!
  19. Hi and welcome to you both
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