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  1. This pic is the scope I have purchased the 1980s version had a blue tube mine looks exactly like this now its had a deep clean
  2. Could anyone give me a bit of info regarding this scope it is circle T and has the white tube in the 1980s meade painted the tubes blue so i guess I must have the earlier 1970s model. I have been quite suprised how this scope has cleaned up the tube came up nice with a pearlescent shine just the collar needed a bit of paint but that is done now. The optics have cleaned nicely aswell after a bit of TLC it nearly looks new just hope to get some clear skies and give it a test run. Andy
  3. Hi All Just bagged my first vintage 80mm f/15 frac but on receiving it I know its old but this was all thrown together like a skip, Not as described by the seller. The scope has paint corrosion on the primary objective lense holder not a major repaint job its easy. The tube and focuser have cleaned up nicely it now looks usable then my attention was to start cleaning the finder (No optics in it) Problem I need a new finder 6x30 so if you are reading and have one PM me if you have one. Anyway the whole package once sorted looks OK tripod wooden legs look good 0.965 all Japan eyepieces need a clean but the mount needs work I have no time to do this so may pass it on. But needless to say the tube of this scope has cleaned very well and is quite long 4 foot at least so after its paint job I cannot wait to try this thing on Jupiter Mars and Saturn and relive my younger days but that was with a Tasco. Andy
  4. Hi Yes its me who is selling the Newt I am selling due to the fact I have a new building site situated at the back of me and with issues of my neighbors security lights plus added light pollution the scopes must go as they are not being used. Its a tough call to make as I have been an active astronomer for nearly 27 years but the lights round my way are a complete pain. The planetary newt i have had to revise the price as its a give away at the original price so I have reviewed it and thrown in three orthos to try and get the sale. It is shame as it is a cracking scope 1/12 pv optics but going to waste it needs some love and attention and be taken out a lot. I was observing Jupiter a few nights ago and saw Io casting a shadow on the planet its that good Saturn is stunning through it but when the lights come on you may aswell be in daylight. I have asked many times politely but how many times can you ask or tell people how to run there lives by telling them to turn there lights off not a done thing. I was a member of the local astro club but that was only once a month to use the scope and weather permitting so it has to go along with all my other gear hope this clears up and answers any questions on this thread. Andy
  5. Hi Matt Glad you like the setup it is now all going up for sale due to more light pollution in my area. It's a cracking setup but not being used so the mount scopes and eyepieces need to go unfortunately. I hope you find what your looking for you should.have no problems with this mount.
  6. It is now available in the UK and is mega expensive at £1399 and add the super navigator at £399 you would be better buying a EQ6 with goto for £900 even cheaper second hand. I was interested in it and passed the info to the UK distributor who was going to let me try one but after all the signs that I would be able to get a disounted T-rex from the store The emails dried up no suprise there all talk. So I have now got the skywatcher skytee checkout my threads I have added loads of pictures of my current set up. Andy
  7. I have just had an email from Pete regarding these plossls I have been trying to source more info and on inspection these plossls are remarkably like the old university optics ones with the checkering and same focal lengths. Manufactured late 80s Early 90s when I receive them I will post pics on the thread.
  8. Hello all Just a question regarding a purchase I am making regarding a set of plossl eyepieces in 6mm 25mm and 40mm made by opticron they are the old smooth side plossls with the checkering mid barrel. I have never come across these before so snapped at the chance of getting them which I have done I know opticron are big with binoculars and birding scopes but I have never come across astronomical eyepieces with there brand name. They are marked NS so I think this represents the Japanese company that made them so if anyone has any info regarding my purchase I would welcome anymore info on these particular eyepieces. Andy
  9. I wonder what the ebay fees will be......?????
  10. Hi Graham I have replaced the Aluminium screws with a set of stainless steel ones as a temporary fix till I get the ADM saddles. I had these made by a friend who uses a lathe and it cost me nothing which is great if you know someone who can do it. This fix will be OK in the mean time and give me some peace of mind about threads being stripped and my scopes going crash.. Andy
  11. John Could you send me the link for the saddles you have ordered from FLO. Andy
  12. Marijn The answer to your question regarding the axis is that i had the shaft drilled so i can lock the axis off when using 2 scopes. This was done at Orion Optics where they had to strip down the mount to re grease and drill the hole so the axis locking screw would fit so when both scopes are attached and balanced i put the counter weight on the side and not underneath the scope on that axis you can see that in the pictures and it works very well hope this answers your question. Andy
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