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  1. Narrower, narrower, narrower I've seen noticeable differences (improvements) going from 12 to 7 to 5 ... 3 is calling me but my wallet is fighting it On the subject of bi-colour, I'm not a fan - but that's just my opinion. I prefer to put the time in and get all three channels
  2. What I'm really keen to see (if you can arrange Olly or anyone else?) is a true comparison ... three hours vs three hours similar/same conditions same setup? PS Mono all the way
  3. Does this help? (Edit : probably not, I missed the FT bit :facepalm:)
  4. Stephen

    Mugshots SGL9

    Carefully assessing the weather ... (I do take a good photo )
  5. Give me a shout when you attempt that? I'd like to observe
  6. Based on the title and the pictures it's not a SW, it's a GSO. I don't have an opinion, but might be worth checking out a few reviews
  7. Yes I strongly suspect so ... unless the pixel sizes are the same?
  8. Have finalised setup now Due to not being able to test Ibbo's WO 132 before hand I'm going to be packing a Takahashi TOA-130 @ f1500 (thanks Velvet!) on my EQ8 with (hopefully) first light on the QSI 690 There may be something new under the EQ8 too as I really don't fancy bringing the pier but that's TBC ... Now binned or unbinned ... that is the question
  9. Nope, solar is an exception to the rule
  10. Can you show us a picture of the complete housing / assembly / camera / filter?
  11. The blinking definitely indicates low voltage - does it happen when you run it alone (on the PSU)?
  12. I've not checked the position of any of my targets yet (really must get on with that ...) but the "master" list is : C38 M104 M3 M106 NGC3628 NGC7023 NGC6823
  13. Which version is causing the problems?
  14. I had the belt mod done and found no difference between the amount of unbalancing I required before and after. My rough guide was to balance perfectly, then make it West heavy by moving the counterweight 1cm (approx) one way or the other Never unbalanced it in DEC This was good for 15 minutes (as far as I ever pushed the 6) It sounds to me like your mount may have been ready for a service? You may have been unbalancing it more than normal due to that fact.
  15. I think you will find it's the H16 but the TS page still doesn't look quite right http://www.sxccd.com/sxvr-h16
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