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  1. I've basically shot to the end of this link...as intersting as it is, but have you considered that as the seller has a gold plated feedback status, that this item is cosher. If its as good as you say it is, and you want it...get it. Or buy it on Paypal and youre covered if its not.
  2. I saw the same and thought it was Sirius.
  3. bobbyowl


    Quality...i'm quite envious as I'm at the genesis of my experimenting with my camera tripod and scope...cant wait to get a result likr that though...and for clearer skies!
  4. So jealous! Really wanting to see it, but its always cloudy at the weekends...and unfortunately I need my beauty sleep! ;-)
  5. Hi all, I went to put out the bins last night, and had my usual gawp up to the heavens...I'm in Leeds and was looking SSW. If 90 dec is directly above me, it must have been at about 65 deg a sort of smudge...was this the elusive Andromeda? I went to try and see it through my scope through the window but the angle was too great and it was a little too late to start dismantling the scope to go outside.
  6. There appears to be a huge eliptical smoke ring around Jupiter and her moons tonight, I thought my lense was dodgy but tried them all and its still there. its like a jet plane has flown around it and left its smoke trail...does anyone know what it is or seen it? Robin
  7. I dont mean to sound stupid here...but if I am to do some astrophotography, am I going to need a motorised mount? Again sorry for sounding dim, just very new to this. Robin
  8. Bobthesaxon... I have a Sky Watcher Explorer 130...i dont yet understand the lenses, but dont think they are very good. | was lucky to have a 2 hour clear slot, the last one of which I saw all 4 moons which was excellent. Wanted to see Saturn before work this morning but my leaf blower wasnt that powerful!!! ;-)
  9. Hi Jamie, I'm in West Yorks too and have been doing my first observation tonight on Jupiter. It has been fantastic! Where abouts are you, I'm in Morley and a pal of mine has just told me about a place in Batley that has observation nights one Friday a month...dont know if you are aware of this. Robin
  10. Just done my first observation with the new telescope and have been viewing Jupiter. At first could only see three of her moons and was puzzled as to where the other one was, then realised it was probably in front of the planet, but just had another look and all four are there. I was amazed that I could see her bands as I didnt think my lenses were powerful enough. Absolutely chuffed to bits...and everso slightly hooked!
  11. I also own a 1000d cameral and have been wondering if there is an attatchement you can get which enables you to take pictures with the camera through your telescope. I have a Sky Watcher Explorer 130. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks guys for the warm welcome!
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