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  1. Stu Click on the little white circle to the left of the thread title Cheers Steve
  2. Hi, That's good news. Sounds like particular circumstances re the set-up at the time were in play by the sounds. Yes please let us know if it happens again. Steve
  3. Hi Kevin, No problem. Is if the first time you have used the Camera? Have you tired it again since last night, It could be there was some electrical interference near the camera. Try as the link suggest and take a bias frame. I do get a little sometimes in my Bias frames and put that down to the cooler, so try the bias with the cooler on and also off see if there is a difference. Let me know the results. Regards Steve
  4. Hi Kevin, Take a look here http://www.darkerview.com/CCDProblems/pattern.php Look like this is what you might be seeing. Steve
  5. Sorry forgot the link http://www.leeds.gov...es/spnsles.aspx
  6. Looks like Leeds are following other council decisions to implement Part-night Lighting Bring it on. I am all for darker skies Steve
  7. Just a heads up new update with a new polar alignment algorithm http://www.skywatcher.com/swtinc/customer_support.php?class1=1&class2=101 Steve Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk HD
  8. Hi Paul, Have you tried the Helpdesk option on the FLO site. Just submit a request, You usually get a reply fairly quickly. Steve
  9. Rich, Sorry not reading you post correctly. You need 55mm from CCD to Flattener. The problem you are going to have is the disstance the OAG ccd is going to need to be if you place it after the Flattener. (CCD -> Filterwheel -> Flattener -> OAG) Its going to be difficult to get the OAG ccd focused and its going to nee to be a fair way out (back focus). So I woudl still go with my first suggestion.. But you will need to loose some mm somware to place the flattener at the correct distance. Steve Steve Steve
  10. Hi Rich, I would place it like this :- (CCD -->> Filterwheel ---> OAG --->>> Flattner) Steve
  11. Just looked at your website. I am like the software. Impresive stuff Per. Also like the review excellent read so far keep it up. Steve
  12. Gina, What are you going to use to power the Arduino? I have just built a controller recently and found that if you are going to use the 'Enable' pin on the stepper driver you will need at least 6v into the Arduino Nano, the USB alone will not be enough to provide enough power to the digital when 'high' connected to enable on the stepper. (well that what I found) My Duemilanove on the other hand, was happy with just the usb. Steve
  13. Have a look at CCD commander. I think this will do what you want and the bonus is you can fully automate you whole imaging run. Steve
  14. Hi /Per, Very nice. Which motorised focuser system is this?, as it look very neat Steve
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