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  1. SN10 WO66 SW ED80 PST HEQ 5 ALT AZ GOTO.. Two Canon Cameras Atik Titan Box of Bits... Wife, two children and two doggies.... (Child friendly Doggies!!) Arriving Friday night.. BBQ.. Wine....... Lashings and lashings of beer!!!...... Greg
  2. My calculations are that there are 3 pitches left but i'll ring this morning and let you know..
  3. Ha ha ..... You've reminded me... The local Cadbury brew... Slurp......
  4. If anyone requires pure de ionised water with a tds of 0 I will be bringing some with me... Usefull for rinsing mirrors etc... Just bring a clean container.. I can bring 500 litres if required!!
  5. Sam, I have a Cheshire and a laser collimating eypiece available if required..
  6. Yes John dates are ther same... I would have thought you'd get a caravan on the pitch without any problem. Greg
  7. I've been on the phone to the site this morning and there are only about 5 pitches left... So anyone thinking about attending needs to book asap... Greg
  8. They are a small campsite and a working farm... PM Me you details and i'll contact them and get them to ring you ASAP... Greg
  9. Very nice..... Time to get out of the office and on to the patio me thinks..
  10. I'll be there from the Thursday till the Sunday... Usual plan at the smaller star parties is that everyone chips in with helping set up tents etc and then generally chill out with a beer.. Check weather forecast and set up.. BBQ .. And more beer if the weathers a bit iffy... Generally walk around and look at other peoples kit and try not looking too envious! Check weather... Drink beer. Check weather... If weather is good.. Wahayyyy If weather is no good.... Drink beer... And put the world to rights. Normally at these things, if people have problems with setting up or polar aligning or any scope issues we can pool our knowledge and generally help each other.get to know each other and have a good time.. The star party is family friendly and the campsite is dog friendly.. Any well behaved children are welcome to look through my set up. If the sky's are clear, things tend to get a bit more serious as some of us will have imaging set ups and as its a dark sky site, will be keen to capture some more elusive targets that are difficult to capture from a home location. But in general we are all going to relax and have a good time.. As for food, I'm happy to do a chili on the Saturday night (As long as we don't get hundreds and I get some help with washing up...!) Friday night might be a BBQ ... You need to book directly with the campsite for booking... Don't hang about as we are getting pretty full, as there are only 21 ehu pitches in the main field.. There is another field next to us but no ehu... So if your too late with the bookings bring your self contained power for you scopes... I'm sure the guys in the powered field will charge your setups for a beer! Feel free to pm me.. I may not answer ASAP as I'm currently touring southern Germany and only getting sporadic Internet. Once again... This star party is newbie/novice, camping and astronomy friendly the aim is to pool our knowledge gain friends and enjoy ourselves whatever the weather. Greg
  11. Apologies for not posting, we've been exceptionally busy on the work front before my trip to Germany.. But will catch up when I get back in a couple of weeks... Greg
  12. Get hold of a cheap 70 or 80mm scope as aperture isn't important with solar. Gar a white light solar filter for the front, you'll visually see sunspots with this set up.. Use you camera and take some avi's download registax (free) and load your avi into that.. Search the forum for stacking with registax and you'll find loads of info... Taking a single avi and trying to see detail is virtually impossible....
  13. Mine are going Dave, 6 and 10....... There's a play park opposite the pitches and we'll plan stuff for the kids during the day... You have the other half of the secret recipe my friend.....
  14. I'm there the Thursday, friday and Saturday nights.... If the weather plays ball we'll make the site dark for the extra nights. Hopefully we'll fill the site so it won't matter anyway.. We'll be able to do as we please. the owners are fine about it... Greg
  15. Spoke to the campsite today and the owner asked what happens if it's cloudy and raining.... I said.. " We all sit around and drink beer......." The owner asked what happens when we run out of beer... I said..." We open a bottle of red...."
  16. No problem... I'll give you a hand with the tent.. Greg
  17. Just for security purposes.... We don't want anyone thrown out do we...... Me....
  18. I've been so busy this week I forgot to book....Even though I visited the campsite last week.. Doh.. Anyway.. All booked.. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights Wife, kids, small dog... and a big chili pot.. ...... Might stay the Monday depends on the guys who work for me... they might miss me too much..
  19. I remember meatballs being in there somewhere too mate!!!!.. and a small dog with a big wee wee.. And ducks being fed chili powder tipped bread!!!! Ooo we were very naughty in those days.... :p
  20. :p :p The forum censor removed the word of this guys chocolate..... :grin: :grin: http://williescacao.com/index.php?rid=home
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