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20170407 jupiter anim (png)


(higher quality then GIF, less compatible)

Gear: Olympus E-PL6, through Antares X2 APO Barlow, attached on Celestron Maksutov 127/1500, mounted on Celestron Nexstar SLT

Capture: FullHD 30p "crop" movie, varying exposure time: 1/60s..1/100s (most 1/80s), 3200 ISO
Date: 2017-04-07 21:30 GMT
Sky: bad seeing + full moon + less than 30° alt, suburbs 10km from Paris, France

Software (all Linux): cvastroalign (align, stack, wavelets), Gimp (clean, center, rotate, timestamp, animate)

Edit: sorry, I just discovered that APNG animation was lost by SGL resizing down the image... damn! Fall back to GIF :(



© Fabien COUTANT
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Hello sorry - would you mind expanding on how you shot this? When you say FullHD "crop" movie and then varying exposure time - do you mean the length of the video or the shutter speed? Sorry, bit of a noob question! 

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2 hours ago, Mr niall said:

do you mean the length of the video or the shutter speed?

Shutter speed. Each image in the animation was compiled from a separate video file, so there's many video files and each can have its own settings such as shutter speed -- though I would recommend to keep a constant exposure, it was an error of mine as I was searching for best settings.

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