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© D Elijah
Credit Please credit D Elijah if you are using this image.

Sunspot 2574 and 2573 (08/08/2016)


Date of image 08/08/2016

Sunspot 2573 and 2574 near the east limb of the solar disk.

Hardware details: Camera: Canon 550D in 640x480 movie crop mode. Exposure 1/1000s, ISO auto mode, 60 fps. Telescope: SW Skymax 150 Maksutov no filter. Mount: EQ5 pro.

Clouds limited the recording to about 5 minutes in total. The movie length taken here was about 2m:00s. Turbulence was ok during the recording. As before, I was lucky with the focusing and I didn't alter it much during the recording.

Polar alignment was good.

Processing was first done with Pipp, which decompressed the .mov files and rejected 60% of bad frames. I then pass the uncompressed .avi to Rigistax, where I align, reject the remaining 90% of frames leaving about ~200 frames and then stack the result. The stacked image is then processed with the first wavelet strongly increased relative to the other wavelets. The gamma curve is adjusted to increase contrast. The final image is then cropped to reeve the grainy (poorly sampled) edges.


Please credit D Elijah if you are using this image.


© D Elijah

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