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I've had a natural fear of collimating and thus far upto now have not tried.

Tonight I watched a few videos on youtube and took a crack at it, one of which I've linked below.

It's quite tricky holding the secondary mirror trying to align it with the focuser.

The other problem on the secondary mirror, is that celestron have somehow cross-threaded one of the adjustment screws. This caused me no end of trouble.

I pricked a hole in a black lens cap, which I then used to collimate.

The main mirror was eaiser to adjust, but I got a bit confused for a start, as on the Celestron Powerseeker, the locking screws are exactly the same as the mirror adjustment screws. This made things more difficult as neither are labelled.

After about an hour, I managed to get both mirrors dead centre.

This is one of lifes little tasks that I won't look forward to in the future, as its pretty frustrating adjusting the secondary mirror.

At least I won't be diving in without a clue in the future.




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great job the 12"dob gets checked every time a go out , ,made a big change from the factory it was miles of gods knows how i saw any thing but the ups and downs of it was a headache,but now its a brezee

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Hi Neil, Its great that you have done this job, I put it off for ages too but once done it was much easier next time. I have just bought a set of "Bobs Knobs" for my scope - it had Allen screws which were not easy to use but these new ones have made life so much easier - they are worth checking out (just google them).

Cheers Paul :hello2:

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Thanks all for the support and the bed knob suggestion.

Let's hope I don't need to do this for a while.

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