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  1. Hi, I recently bought the Vixen and find it excellent, admittedly the views are not as bright as i get in my 200 dob but none the less they are good. It is very compact but extremely well made and does everything Vixen say it will. it comes with a 20mm eypiece which is also good, the red dot finder is ok - not the best but good enough. I have sucessfully used my Baader zoom eyepiece on it and very good down to about 10-11mm after that things get a bit dim. I use it on a Vixen Sky Pod Mount and the two work well together, i have used it on a photographic tripod anf that was great for grab and go,the whole thing fits in a small backpack and it is very light. All up i think its a great scope, I have no issues with it, for the money its great vale for money.
  2. yes I saw it in Whyalla South Australia
  3. There is a dew shield available for the telrad finder that has a built in mirror this will enable you to view the sky from a standing or sitting position, its not perfect but it works for me, not sure where you would get one in the UK I got mine from a shop called Bintel in Australia (google the name) and I think I paid about $39 for it Cheers Paul
  4. Hi Pat, these are great - looks like you have cracked it - catch you when I get back Cheers Paul
  5. its not the spiders I can see that I am worried about - its the ones you cant see that cause the problems, by the way the stars are so bright you can read by their light
  6. Hi, yep sometimes I do feel worried / vulnerable, my dark sight is way out in the bush miles from the nearest road - great sight no LP at all, 360deg view and flat - but snakes - brown snake, death adder, black snake and tiger snakes (all deadly) and some really nasty spiders are all out there too- no mobile phone coverage to speak of - but its all offset by some brilliant viewing - I never go alone
  7. I'm Only guessing here but you may need to use an extension tube for your eyepieces try moving the eyepieces out of the crayford and see if that helps if so you need to work out what length you will need (you can make up cardboard tubes to do this) Hope this helps Paul
  8. I used a 300mm dia lazy susan bearing - its brilliant and very smooth - I used velcro and stuck 4 thick pads of felt to give it some resistance and then used the center bolt to finalise the tension - word of warning, dont lubricate the bearing - it will eventually get dirt in it and it will be notchy until its cleaned out. Cheers Paul
  9. Hi, I have been using one of these for about a year and find it just great, I have the Phillips but I much prefer the G227 (I dont have the luxury of any astro shops near me). I cant fault the unit, I get nice clear and contrasty results, it comes with some software but it runs ok with Sharpcap and all the other programs. For me its been a good buy - it does all that is claimed. Cheers Paul
  10. Hi Guys, for what is worth I too have had problems with my Laser collimator and today I scrapped it for good and finally learnt to use the Cheshire that's been sitting doing nothing for 3 yrs - just followed Astro Babes article to the letter and all is fine. I have the skywatcher 8" dob and while I was messing about I fitted springs behind the primary mirror and a set of "Bobs Knobs" - so easy to adjust now - why don't manufacturers fit them on all models and not just the bigger ones? Just been out for a short session and the results of today show a marked improvement all round. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi, I have a Vixen Skypod alt az mount, it took a while to find my way around it but once you have learnt to recognise which button you are pressing (in the dark) and what it does its a breeze. I have tracked objects for hours at a time and they have stayed dead centre. The downside is battery life - it chews them (12x AA) - I have a power tank which powers the mount (12volt) and have recently altered the wiring on the starbook (computer) and invested in a 12volt to 6 volt adapter so now the whole thing runs off the power tank. I had concerns initially but love it now - hope this helps. cheers Paul
  12. Hi Pat, are you around? skype me if you like, I am bored - it been hot again. Cheers Paul
  13. I am lucky, I live in rural South Australia, generally we have very clears sky's from horizon to horizon, our astro group has a viewing site on a station 20km from Whyalla - amazing views! - some nights you can read a newspaper from the starlight.
  14. Hi Pat, at least you got to go outside :) - we have lots of cloud here and its been up around 42 deg C during the days so plenty of heat haze to complement the cloud cover. the nights have been no better most nights its been around the 30 deg C mark. :mad: I am beginning to think there isnt going to be a perfect time anymore :confused: Cheers Paul
  15. Hi Tich, Thanks for that I will give them a go next time i have the scope out - weather here is lousy, cloudy and 40 deg C plus so too hot even if the sky is clear (plenty of heat shimmer in the atmosphere). Cheers Paul
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