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Astronomy rabbit holes



Last weekend I got the idea into my head that a more permanent setup would allow me to resurrect my interest in EAA. Eventually I  realised that I didn’t  have room in my garden for a useable observatory, so I started to look at options for outdoor semi-permanent piers. After looking at £500 steel options I came across the DIY “Tod” pier, as championed by @Peter Drew, which utilises two hollow concrete blocks - an excellent invention! Excited at the design, I spent the weekend looking at what else I would need, and after going down numerous rabbit holes, I came across the ASI AIR hub, a truly amazing piece of kit. Looking at the functionality it seemed to me that it makes setup and operation so easy, I wouldn’t need a permanent setup after all! So over the course of the weekend, I went from planning a full observatory to only needing an ASI AIR!

I still like the look of the Tod pier though, perhaps I’ll get both. 🙂

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Excellent choice!  

Same here: the skies are too lightpolluted to invest in the cost of an observatory, so I put in a pier (concrete block with threaded wires and a steel pier bolted onto it). 

The pier can be removed, and the threaded wires are exactly at a place where one would set up an umbrella for shade on the terrace. So the next owners already have a super easy  place to put their umbrella, or even a very sturdy table. 

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