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Saturn avi help?

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Hi all.

Could somebody please take a look at this avi and be able to tell if it's any good for me to use just by looking at it?. I have a suspicion that it is way to over exposed but I'm not sure, it was my first go a Saturn and first use of wxastrocapture so there is bound to be a learning curve.

I have run it through castrator first to centre it. I don't have the laptop available atm so don't have access to what settings I used.

There is about 20 seconds of saturn and 1minute of nothing lol.


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It can be used, but you'll have very limited quality, and it seems a tiny bit overexposed, yes.

i'd give it a try, if it wasn't for that my corrent moon stacking process tells me it have 2 weeks of work left to process... :hello2:

but i'm sure someone else here can stack it up for you to see. it's a quite good first attempt, btw! :hello2:

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Jannis is right you could stack that avi and get a decent sharp image too BUT it will be overexposed and show little detail. Nicely centred and good tracking ! Next time try tuning the exp and gain down so that it's quite dim on the preview , then when stacked you ought to have a cracking pic

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Thanks guys :hello2:

I did try stacking it but yeah it was still over cooked. I just wasn't sure if I had messed up the processing or it was the avi. Might have another go at stacking tonight but hopefully the weather holds and I can get a new avi.

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