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Axiom LX eyepiece + Dioptrx = Possibility

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Hi all,

Just thought that you might like to know that it is possible to fit a TeleVue Dioptrx to a 23mm Celestron Axiom LX eyepiece.

The eyepiece has a rubber shield at the top, which is attached to a machined section that raises and lowers to adjust to make the eyepiece comfortable to use. The rubber shield covers a lot of open space between the eye lens on the eyepiece and the underside of the rubber. So I wondered... if a Dioptrx could be inserted in there?

The rubber top can be peeled off. It sits over a lip and can be pulled off if you're very careful. This exposes the eye lens and the open space around it. The Dioptrx fits in there nicely, though it doesn't screw down onto anything. I left the rubber eye guard on mine and it makes a nice contact with the underside of the eyepiece's rubber eyeguard.

The size of the Dioptrx and the size of the eye lens are such that no matter where the Dioptrx moves to inside that space, the eyelens is still completely unobstructed. There is no risk of any part of the Dioptrx coming into contact with it after insertion.

The rubber top part is then reattached and adjusted downwards to hold the Dioptrx in place, which it does firmly.

The disadvantage is that the adjustment on the eyepiece's eye guard is now more limited, so you can't take it all the way down to the top of the eyepiece. This may be an issue - I dont yet know as I haven't tried this combination under the sky yet. Also, it bmakes attachgment of the eyepiece's cap impossible, but that can be worked around I'm sure. (edit: removal of the Dioptrx's rubber eyeguard may be a possibility and might increase the amount of downward travel possible...)

As I said, this is all an experiment at the moment but I hope to try the eyepiece tonight to see if it works ok. (For what it's worth the eyepiece does not show a lot of my astigmatism but it is still there to an extent - not nearly as noticeable as with my previous 30mm low power eyepiece though, as the smaller exit pupil does help. The addition of the Dioptrx should take away the remnant of what remains of it. If it doesn't, I'll still be happy with the eyepiece.)


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