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Why can`t scopes have fixed collimation?

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Well, the promised clear skies have yet to materialize this eve so it`s time for another stupid question from me!

Why, during the manufacture of scopes, can`t the correct collimation be "set"? Is it because changing temperatures affects the mirrors and tube (i.e. Do they expand and contract)? Or what?

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hi BM. Usually the 'scopes are collimated at the factory and don't need a lot of playing with. The adjustment is there for tuning purposes only if my Skywatcher 200mm f/5 reflector is anything to go by.

I've checked mine loads of times now and adjusted it once and then back again. I got a badly collimated collimating laser off e-bay so I sent the 'scope wonky, scratched my head then collimated the collimater and the 'scope. Put it back where it had been.

Captain Chaos

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