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I'll be picking up a GoPro HD for activities unrelated to Astronomy, and was wondering how it might fare pointed at the sky for a while.

Whether it's capable of picking up detail or stars isn't going to affect my burying it, but it'd be rather awesome if it could be used for exposures or time-lapses of the night(I hear it does awesome daytime ones).

Does anybody have any experience with a GoPro? I've also not been able to find out whether or not it can take exposures, so would anybody here know?


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My mate's got the HD GoPro and a superb lickle thing it is too, I did ask to try and stick it on a scope but a closer look at the specs and we decided not ot bother, a great camera don't get me wrong but the chip just isn't wasn't designed for very low light conds.

Having said that you're gonna love it-he's stuck his on an arm hanging off the bottom of the faring of his Superbike and the images were awesome !! It's also the cam you always see on tv where they're off doing some sporty stunt like jumping outa planes or kayaking down rapids :)

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