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  1. I don't know of anywhere I could buy second hand equipment, and the EP is ~€30.
  2. I'll be picking up a GoPro HD for activities unrelated to Astronomy, and was wondering how it might fare pointed at the sky for a while. Whether it's capable of picking up detail or stars isn't going to affect my burying it, but it'd be rather awesome if it could be used for exposures or time-lapses of the night(I hear it does awesome daytime ones). Does anybody have any experience with a GoPro? I've also not been able to find out whether or not it can take exposures, so would anybody here know? Cheers.
  3. If any of you have any experience with this eyepiece, is it any good? Given the low price(And sale discount), it's rather tempting to pick it up, but I'm not sure how such a high-powered eyepiece at this would would fare. I'd be using it in a 8" f/6 Newtonian for planetary viewing, and just want to know how the detail would fare. Thanks.
  4. While the 8" is brilliant(I own one), you'll always have that nagging feeling when you're looking at some of the mag. ~10 galaxies that a 10" would've been a better idea.
  5. The 8" is definitely worth it if you don't mind a slight increase in weight and size. I don't think your son would notice too much of a difference, but on those night where you go scouting for some nice little galaxies and clusters, the difference will definitely be noticeable. As has been said, a wide-angle EP is a good buy. My most used is a 2" 40mm, but I'm more of a galaxy guy. For the planets in a 6/8" scope, anything between about 80x and 200x is great depending on seeing and such.
  6. I would definitely recommend the 150mm, as I own a 200. You'd have fantastic views of the planets, you'd see Jupiter's moons, easily see Saturn's rings, see Mars' polar cap, etc. And when that's all done, you'd be able to pick off a lot of clusters and at least ten galaxies. It's also light enough for somebody(Not a six-year old, though) to pick up and take outside in one piece. I'd also expect the eyepieces on the 130 to be a slightly lesser quality, but I might be surprised.
  7. I use known stars to get to it. M81 and M82 usually take me a minute or so to find, along with M101, but M106, M109 and M51 are in the FOV in a few seconds. All stunning in an 8" dob, bar M109 which is very faint. Try using these stars and lines:
  8. What 16" fixed tubes are there? A fixed tube that size would be pain in the knee, but given the price...
  9. The skies are good here if I go for a hike; the town to the east destroys anything below ~30 degrees.
  10. Killiney? Plenty of dark skies there. I'm a Kerryman, unfortunately. Also, is AI notably more expensive than international stores?
  11. Have you had a chance to test it out? And I'd assume that it'd be dire for DSOs, but if I get bad galaxy withdrawal there might be some star parties down in the Wicklow mountains. Once I can take it on a bus, use it for planets and manhandle a bit it's all good. I think I'll go with the Celestron tavelscope thing. Also, what part of Ireland are you from?
  12. Well, ideally I'd be looking for something that isn't a metre long and that doesn't kill images beyond 30x. Also, I've been looking at this, as it has a backpack and is dirt cheap. I mean, I know I won't be looking at any galaxies or anything, but I'd imagine that Saturn, Mars and Jupiter would be reasonable through it. The backpack seems pretty sweet too, and I wouldn't cry if it fell off a cliff.
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a small, cheap, light and portable scope for college next year. I'll be heading into the city, and be in student accommodation, so bringing my 8" dob isn't practical, and my 70mm equatorial refractor is a pain to use, as it's pretty heavy and the mount is diabolically bad. I'm thinking about something similar to this, but I'm not too sure if it's any good. I was thinking of a Mak with an altaz mount, as they're probably the smallest and lightest options. It'd also need to be quite cheap, as I'll be lugging it around on public transport out into the countryside a little, and I don't want to feel terrible if it breaks. Does anybody here have any experience with something similar?
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