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HEQ5 Mount & Stellarium

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I have some issues with the accurancy of my Polar Alignment for the HEQ5 and using in combination with Stellarium to make it a "GoTo".

I have followed the great tutorial that "AstroBaby" produced (please don't give up) or at least I hope I have to align the mount as mentioned but when I go to a point it always seems to be 1/2 degress away and I have to use the controllers to get the target.

I have set stellarium / eqmod to my long/lat: but am unsure as to the height or even if that makes much difference and set the date and time for Polaris to 00:54 20th October as this is what i think it said on the site that was recommended to work it out. The only thing i didn't try was the alignment procedure that the eqmod site states and wondered if that was an issue and had to be done prior to the alignment.

Any ideas? to be honest its probably my ability to properly align using the instructions but any help would be appreciated.

Also on another point....Could I use my mobile phone which has GPS to link via the comupter to eqmod/ascom? has anyone tried that?


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