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Couple of 'newbie' questions

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I've taken a few AVis of Jupiter last night, just really to test my webcam with my new scope and my set up.

I've got 4 or 5 short AVis. Can I open them all at once with Registax and stack them all together?

Also, I've always been confused about 'wavelets'. What exactly do they do?


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OK, do your aligning and stacking in regi, then when you get to the wvelets bit, I like to do an RGB align at this point, (button on right) clicking 'estimate' always does a good job, it will remove that blue fringing.

Those wavelet sliders are a magical black magic art, to start with, if you begin at the top slider, play with it, not being afraid to go up far with it, get it the best you can, then do the same with the sliders below, play around quite a bit, become familiar with them, and make your image the best you think it can be, also play around with the contrast/brightness on the right. Then click 'do all'

As you play around with these sliders you become more familiar with what they do and how far you can push them. Basically they are sharpening filters.

Once you're happy, click 'final' and again tamper with the hue and saturation sliders until again you are happy, then save image.

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