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MPCC on an ED80?

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Hi all

I've been looking for a WO FF type II for a while now for the ED80, also the Televue Flattener, as i have heard these both work well with the C80ED. However i keep missing out or they end up over my available budget. I had read elsewhere about people using the newtonian aimed MPCC instead- since i have one of these already i may give it a go. Just wondered if anyone has tried this combo and what results it gave?



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Hi Folks,

a typical 2-lens in front refractor suffers from off-axis-coma and field curvature.

a typical Newt suffers from off.axis coma, a bit off-axis astigmatism, and slight field curvature.

Coma is the most destructive aberration of these. Field curvature is much less than in the refractor.

A coma corrector will cure off-axis coma of a Newt. There are different qualities of correctors.

Some will add a bit of spherical aberration, the better ones with 3 lenses or 4 lenses will not.

So if you add a coma corrector to a refractor it will add inverse off-axis coma.

And it will cure only a small part of the field curvature.

Better get a field flattener that is designed for that special telescope you have.

If not available, buy a flattener for a refractor that has about the same focal length as yours.

As far as I know there is a flattener /recucer for the ED80 from skywatcher:

Skywatcher Camera Adaptors - Telescope imaging by OVL

But better ask them about the specs before you buy one.

Cheers, Karsten

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Many thanks for the information Karsten :D Yeah, lots of people say about the Sky-Watcher one, but I get the impression that they wont fit a C80, though I'm not sure why? I think some form of custom adaptor is required?

Can anyone enlighten me on that front?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah I saw the one come up on astrobuysell and wondered if you'd get it? Is that the one you got?

Given the rather cloudy nights over the last few weeks I've not had all that much chance to use the SW one. I think I've had 3 nights using it, all pretty much test sessions to try out the new bits of kit :) So far it seems to be doing a fantastic job! ;) It's so nice to having to crop out the edges of my pictures.

I look forward to seeing some results from the WOFFII :p

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